W. P. P. Engineering Open House Launches Latest Machine in WALTER EWAG Product Line




P. P. Engineering Co., Ltd., a company with expertise in CNC grinding machine and providing technological services in CNC grinding machine has offered suitable solutions for high-precision cutting tools in the cutting tools production process to customers. The Company also provides services and supports for the production process including the development of technical human resources for customers in the cutting tool manufacturing industry.

Mr. Wittaya Phonphet, General Manager, gives his account as follows, “At this Open House event, our main goal is to launch the latest machine technology in the WALTER EWAG product line as a showcase to the cutting tool industrialists. In fact, the Company had imported the latest model machines for exhibitions at the Metalex Industrial Product Tradeshow last year, but, due to the reason that the event was postponed following the COVID-19 situation, the Company then had to suspend the exhibitions of the industrial products last year. Thus, an Open House event aimed at exhibiting the latest machinery technology to Thai manufacturing industrialists has been organized. In respect of the imported machines, there consist a total of 4 models that 2 of which are the latest model machines to be introduced for the first time in Thailand at this Open House event, which in Germany, they will be launched in this forthcoming May. We are of the view that if the launches should be made at the Industrial Product Tradeshow by end of this year, it would be too late, so, this is the reason why this Open House event is organized to open the markets for the manufacturing industrialists to visit first.

Another reason is that when the Company has worked in conjunction with the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association (TCTM), we have come up with a concept that while the current cutting tool industry market has not expanded much, how we can help our fellow members to be able to meet and introduce more customers because if they should participate in a tradeshow, they would possibly end up with a high cost. W.P.P. Engineering Co., Ltd., has therefore invited its fellow members in each company within the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association to join, in erecting the booths at this Open House event, as well, which, we think, may take place in the same nature once or twice a year. In jointly carrying out such activities, we have a presentation guideline so called the “Manufacturing Solutions” which is an event where interested parties can find information or production technology from each of the 30 members of the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association in a comprehensive manner. In addition, the Company has invited representatives of educational institutes partnered with the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association to attend the event, as well, in order to enable them to bring information for use in skill developments and increases for their personnel for further feeding the cutting tool manufacturing industry in the future.”


2 New Machines: Tool Grinding Machine – Tool Grinding and Eroding Machine

Mr. Phonphet further said that the first machine among the 2 latest models of the CNC grinding machines that would be offered to the cutting tool manufacturing industrialists should be the WALTER HELITRONIC G 200 angle grinder. The machine feature was designed with a compact body ideally suitable for limited spaces with an area of ​​lesser than 2.3 square meter. Regarding the productions and the tool sharpening, the machine could grind workpieces with diameters ranging from 1 to 125 millimeter, tool length up to 235 mm, take

workpiece weight up to 12 kilograms. While the second machine would be a WALTER HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND model with its special feature being the function designed for 2 operating system, i. e., “Two-in-One” which was a start-up level solution being worthy and highly efficient for PCD/CBN and HSS-/ HMs grinding in a single clamping cycle in a small space, including the tool diameter from 3 to 400 mm., with the tool length including the End Face Operation up to 270 mm and the maximum load capacity up to 50 kg.

In addition, a measuring device being a Complete Scan, a device that gathering the functional data for keeping in the same database, would also be placed on display in the event together with a Laser 3D Machining, as well. The machine’s uniquely distinctive feature is its ability to form up workorkpiece in 3 dimensions and small sized workpiece at the micron level with no need to use coolant or stone to polish the workpiece surface, etc.

Mr. Phonphet further gave his account for conclusion that, as the former President of the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association, he was of a view that the trend in the cutting tool segment in the future would likely be possible that the market may focus on the defense industry, the S-Curve and the medical device industry being the organ parts. These industries would have a long way to go. For such reason, the Thai Cutting Tools Manufacturers Association has a plan to expand the market to foreign countries, especially, in the ASEAN market first because members within the group have potentials and expertise existing in each individual to produce the cutting tools. Thus, this group is considered to be the cutting tools manufacturers in Thailand with comprehensive productions.

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