3D Measuring Instrument with 5-Axis Probe That Can Produce Workpieces of Complexity and Help Reduce Production Time

 3D Measuring Instrument with 5-Axis Probe That Can Produce Workpieces of Complexity and Help Reduce Production Time



Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,a totally direct manufacturer of measuring instruments, was established in 1997. It is remarkably noted as a famous company among the top of the world in measuring instruments whether it is a 3-axis measuring instrument, surface roughness measuring instrument, profile projector, surface roughness tester, hardness tester and many others. By having the regional sales office, Measurement Technology Center, Calibration Laboratory and the after sales service including trainings and metrology courses from the experts, the customers are confident in the company that they will receive both the quality machines and the best services.

Mr. Patarapon Pansirikul, Assistant Manager,SalesDepartment, Mitutoyo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in his product presentation, offered the CRYSTA-APEX EX SERIES 3D Measuring Instrument, which is the latest version of Coordinate Measuring Machine or CMM. It isthe continuation product we currently have and account for the highest sales in the market and installation in Thailand. The machine properties with a 5-axis probe can help reduce the time required for rotary movement of the probe and the positioning to be more flexible. In addition, it makes a lot easier to get access to complex workpieces and save time both during the course of programming and measurement. Moreover, a laser is installed in the machine due to the current requirements on the details of workpiece surface where the data gathering of which is more complicated. Therefore, it will come to the point which the measuring instrument can respond to the needs that it can scan and store data into 3D form, thus, allowing the customers being able to make a value measurement conversion ​​for further use conveniently and rapidly. The main industries with which this 3D Measuring Instrument are used are the industrial groups in automobile, electronic parts, aircrafts, metals and molds.

On the matter of the after sales service, we have a service team of more than 70 persons to provide services to customers in Thailand. We provide a 1-year warranty on each measuring instrument, however, we will have promotions or packages to help customers in the case that some of them may require arather consistent service. Such option will depend on the customers as to whichever the kind they require. Therefore, when customers have bought the measuring instruments for use, what they will get will not just only the quality but they can make the best of them in expanding their businesses.




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