3M Steps towards Carbon Neutrality Emissions, Reducing the Use of Water… Improving Water Quality



3M, a world-class scientific innovation Company, declares its intention on the investment of over USD.1 billion (Approximately 30 billion Baht) over the next 20 years to accelerate the achievement of its new environmental goal by emitting Carbon Neutrality within 2050, reducing the use of water in the production factory by 25% and releasing quality water to nature after being used in the production process.



3M will become a CarbonNeutrality organization within 2050, by applying science and expertise in 3M technology with the expectation that the carbon gas quantity up to 50% will be reduced within 2030 and 80% within 2040 before becoming a 100% Carbon Neutrality organization in 2050. In addition, 3M has worked in concert with customers, governments and partners around the world to reduce quantity of carbon gas through the invention and creation of new innovative products and solutions continuously.



From this year onwards, 3M will expand its scope of the inspections on the manufacturing factories which have continuously been conducted to ensure that the operations can reduce emissions occurring during the production process. In Thailand, 3M has installed solar cell panels at the factory building located in Lat Krabang Industrial Estate which result in the factory to be able to make use of the renewable energy from the sun up to 14% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 670 metric tons per year.




3M focally aims to reduce the use of water and improve the water quality before returning it to nature; reduce quantity of water used in various production bases around the world over the next decade by using the same way as in reducing carbon emissions, i. e. taking action immediately to reduce water usage in every month and in the long term by focusing to reduce the use of water by 10% within 2022, 20% by 2025 and, finally, 25% by 2030.




It is also planning to install the most advanced water treatment technology by the end of 2023 and will put it for full implementation in 2024 in all Company’s production bases that use the highest quantity of water. This water treatment will help the Company to be able to return quality water to nature after being used in the production process. The Company will use its expertise and advanced technology in eliminating contaminants out of water to be used.


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