A New World Era That Must Be Driven By Clean Energy




The current situation of global energy use in the overall picture has still been relying on fossil energy from oil, coal and natural gas. The source of this energy is said to produce more than 80 percent of the global carbon dioxide which is well known and considered to be one of thengreenhouse gases that most contribute to the global warming.


Not long ago, The International Energy Agency (IEA) emerged to give the information that the COVID-19 pandemic situation had resulted in the demands on the energy consumptions throughout the world to significantly drop as much as to 6 percent, the lowest level in 70 years which was in line with the shrinking demands for electricity, as well. The IEA also indicated that the demands for electricity during the 2020 outbreak could fall to 5 percent.



In addition, the phenomenon of global energy use in the overall picture which was declined during the COVID-19 pandemic had also created a rippled effect to the expectation that the international pushes to come together to find ways to generate electricity from clean energy or from more renewable energy sources would be seen because it was the time that the world had obviously realized that the world’s milestone record drop in greenhouse gas emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic had a positive effect on the environment concretely. Many areas around the world have seen this clear result and the recovery of nature and wildlife.



Many countries have turned to develop smart grid system or apply many technologies to jointly work together from the beginning of the power production, transmission, distribution to the consumer sector. This system will collect important information: such as; data on electricityconsumption behavior from users and power productions from the producers, the automatic control of the power grid system for use as data for electric power management by taking into account the dimensions: such as the efficiency, the economic worthiness, sustainable use of electric power including the extension to cover the connections of renewable or alternative electricity to the existing grid system.



It is estimated that the world will necessarily need an additional 2,836 gigawatts of the power production capacity from renewable energy over the next 10 years to keep global temperatures not to rise in excess of another 2○C in order to alleviate global warming problems that tend to have a wide impact, develop clean energy, renewable energy in order to create stability and sustainability in energy. Therefore, it is yet a challenge on the ability for all countries around the worldthat they must join hands for active co-operations in the future.


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