Affordable price laser cutting machine that helps reduce costs and increase production quality





Mori-tech Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been operating in Thailand for more than 4 years as an importer and a distributor of tools and machineries including all kinds of machinery spare parts from Japan, Taiwan and China as well as providing repair services on all types of machines to comprehensively respond to the needs of the manufacturing industrialist group.




Ms. Nattakan Tonak, Marketing Manager, on this occasion, offers  the 2000-watt HM-G1530 Laser Cutting Machine which she claims to be notable in the property as being highly accurate and precise with good quality laser beam, high laser power density that can cut a wide variety of materials: such as; coppers, brasses and aluminums. Thickness that the machine can cut is 6 millimeters for aluminums, 5 millimeters for coppers and brasses, the maximum speed in laser cutting of workpieces is 40 meters per minute, the space between the cutting head and the metal sheet can be quickly controlled. The machine adopts the advanced technology from Italy specially designed for laser cutting machine. It is easy to use  and equipped with various cutting information on the control, can work continuously for  24 hours with high speed and cutting efficiency, thus, helping to reduce working time and increase the production capacity.




The company places the importance on the quality of machines while we place the importance on the after-sales service policy as a significant matter. With our experiences and a professional team, our customers can therefore be assured that if their machines should have run into any problem, they would be fixed or repaired within 24 hours or else spare parts replaced. At present, there has been a competition somewhat for low costs, our machines can economically serve the purpose with affordable prices, so that, our customers would have a real cost reduction with their confidence in the quality of our machines. Moreover, we are more than happy and pleased to give advices on the machines as our slogan has said “Look for a machine, look for Mori-tech”.

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