Auto Seal Gluing Machine … Industrial Rubber Sealant Solution

Auto Seal Gluing Machine … Industrial Rubber Sealant Solution

Machinery technology for nowadays industrial rubber seals has the evolution of work processes to be more streamlined which, in one part, is to reduce the traditional work process and the production costs in various parts. But, above all, it is extremely necessary that it brings along the standard quality which is industrially acceptable. In this column, we therefore would like to present the industrial rubber sealant machines to the manufacturing industrialists to be aware in terms of the development of tools and machines as to whatever the trend of the progress has currently been destined for.

Mr. Phira Nanthachai, Engineer Manager, Maxmachi Co., Ltd., revealed that, the company is dealing with the imports of industrial machines. But, the machine that we would like to present is the auto seal cooling machine which is the industrial rubber injection machine that most of the customers are in the group of the manufacturers of electrical cabinets, switchboard cabinets because in the old days, users would buy ready-made rubbers to be glued and then pasted them, eventually requiring rather quite a lot of resources in terms of the materials and raw materials to be used resulting in the production cost to be somewhat high. On the aspect of the design, the injection process is employed, thus, making the rubbers seamless. If it should be a ready-made rubber, it would not be possible. This machine will respond to all needs of users; firstly, the production cost of the raw material. Supposedly, if we, should buy one piece of finished rubber it would cost approximately 40 Baht per meter, but the cost by this machine would be 8 Baht per meter because whatever the cost is spent on, the injection will be likewise, hence, there will be no waste at all. Respective to the designing work, when the designing on the cabinet or the production is made, there will be some designs that the finished material cannot be used for designing, but, this machine will serve your purpose and needs on the design issue.

“On the main usage, if it should be a seal and permanently complete seal, it would remain sealed for approximately 20 years, but, if it should be a cabinet for regularly on-off opening, it will be about 10 years, at least, before it will become deteriorated dependable on the nature of usage. This machine is made to withstand high temperatures, water, chemical and corrosion resistance and that it is inflammable.”

Whereon the properties, this machine is of a typical CNC machine, in general, with its working principle is to suck the chemicals in for mixing at the nozzle. After that, it will be injected into workpiece. In terms of the consumable materials and parts, there will be the matter of the chemicals that needed to be imported which we already did on the import of said materials or raw materials. Therefore, we have stockpiles for our customers, as well. While on the after-sales-service of the machines, particularly, on the matter of parts or spare parts, we provide a 2-year warranty for all cases. After our provided warranty is over, there will be a Service Contact on wait to provide services to our customers, as well.








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