Blaser Swisslube –  Metalworking Fluid Solutions with Customer Benefits

Blaser Swisslube –  Metalworking Fluid Solutions with Customer Benefits

Blaser Swisslube –  Metalworking Fluid Solutions with Customer Benefits

In METALEX 2019 at the end of last year, “Manufacturing Review” Magazine had an opportunity for a special interview with Mr. Punit Gupta, Head of West Asia (India & SEA) at Blaser Swisslube, who talked about the challenges and opportunities in the current metalworking markets.

Since 1936, Blaser Swisslube has stood for lubricant solutions with measurable added value. The Swiss family-owned company develops, produces and sells a comprehensive range of coolants of the highest quality and reliability, which are used in a wide variety of industries and areas and which care for people and the environment.

Can you explain the role of the coolant in the technology driven market?

          Like tools, processes, machines and material, the coolant can be looked at as an important element in the manufacturing technology. The coolant is a small cost with a big effect, as it only accounts for 0.5% of the production costs. So a small change in the coolant can have a major leverage effect on personnel and machine costs. Not to mention the factors productivity, economy efficiency and machining quality, which depend to a large extent on the choice and quality of the coolant. We have been developing innovative technologies in coolants and cutting oils for our customers. It helps them drive higher productivity on their machines and it is unique.

Tell us more about your launch plans in South East Asia?

The Southeast Asian markets are the interesting markets for us, as they house various industries. Our products have been sold very well in South East Asia so far. However we will grow further in these markets. We work to bring our customers extra added values for their benefits and overall profitability improvement through our solutions which is Liquid Tool. This requires an indepth understanding of the customer situation and expertise in manufacturing. For example when customers demand very high environmental and human friendly coolant solutions then we respond with our Blasocut Bio concept product line, to the customer needs. The Blasocut Bio-Concept, emulsions or cutting fluids need no addition of bactericides. Water-miscible emulsions stay biologically stable inherently, without needing any bactericides. These emulsions have a very special way of maintaining the long-term bio-stability of metalworking fluid emulsions.

What’s your focus in Thailand?

Thai market is very competitive. Liquid Tool strategy fits well in this market for our potential customers. They can gain immensely on their productivity levels with Liquid Tool. We strive to grow our business in Thailand. We have a long term good business partner here in Thailand and I am very confident that we will grow in the future. We want to strengthen Liquid Tool delivery to our customers in Thailand and give them a positive experience by working together in a transparent and holistics basis.

How does Blaser contribute in the customer competitiveness?

A happy, productive and competitive customer is our main goal. Our people are always very excited to work with customers in exploring the possibility to exploit the full potential of machines and tools in the manufacturing process. Productivity, economic efficiency, and machining quality are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of the metalworking fluid. With us, as a partner our customers get the Liquid Tool: the right coolant for their application, correctly used and monitored with on-site support by our specialists.


What are the current challenges in the industry?

          Competitiveness is the most challenging thing for manufacturers currently. It can be addressed with good drives on productivity improvements together with high quality. Green aspect gains importance and people pay more attention to the environment and health of employees.

What’s your outlook towards the machining industry in SEA and Thailand?

It is likely that the markets in 2020 will slightly grow. Thailand is one of the Southeast Asian countries where we have exported our products. We  hope to see the Thai market to grow all along with us in the next few years.

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