Control over Factory Pollution Emissions Accelerated Throughout Country to Solve Dust Problem





Ministry of Industry issued an Order to the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) to revise the Ministry of Industry Notification on Requirements for Various Types of Factories to Install Automatic Air Quality Monitoring System, B. E. 2544 (2001) from being originally applicable to factories within a limited circle only, to cover factories across the country that meet the requirements. The Order requires the factories to install automatic devices to measure air pollution from the chimney together with submitting a report on the 24-hour result of the emissions. It is expected that more than 600 factories would install a sensor on the tip of the chimney in reporting the 24-hour result. Hopefully, this measure can stop dust particle (PM2.5) problem in the long term.








Mr. Suriya Chuengroongruangkit, Minister of Industry, revealed that from the situation of the dust particles (PM 2.5) which eventually becoming the national level problem had prompted the government to proceed with proactively remedial actions to solve the problem, particularly, the urgent measure in the industrial sector that needs to monitor the inspections, surveillances and strict law enforcement on the industrial factories nationwide together with the requests for co-operations from industrial entrepreneurs to inspect and control their air pollution treatment system to ensure its fully functional efficiency and install a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) that links data to the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) as well as issuing an Order to accelerate the expansions of the installation of the CEMS to thoroughly cover the industrial factories throughout the country by revising the Ministry of Industry Notification on Requirements for Various Types of Factories to Install Automatic Air Quality Monitoring System, B. E. 2544 (2001) in order that the quantity of pollution emission from the industrial factories can be checked and followed up as appropriate and comprehensively covered which is an effectively proactive supervision and surveillance.






Mr. Prakob Vivithachinda, Director General of the Department of  Industrial Works, said that DIW had applied the Ministry of Industry  Notification, B. E. 2544 (2001) on Requirements for Various Types of Factories to Install a Device or Special Equipment to Automatically Check Air Quality Emitted from the Chimney, with the industrial factories under the supervision and control of DIW. This Notification shall be applicable to factories in Mab  Ta Put Industrial Estate, Padaeng Industrial Estate, Eastern Industrial  Estate and Asia Industrial Estate in  Rayong. The latest development revealed that Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) had been installed at 5 factories with 33 chimneys in Rayong provincial area and at 74 factories on  a voluntary basis in other provincial  areas which currently accounted for  a total number of 79 factories having been installed with the CEMS with 228 chimneys. In this respect, DIW will proceed with the actions to urgently accelerate the revision of the Ministry of Industry Notification in accordance with the Ministry of Industry’s Order. It is expected, after the Ministry’s Notification has been put into force, 600 factories nationwide, at least, will install CEMS with 1,200 chimneys and that the mandatory CEMS installations across the country can be expected to be announced and completed by early 2022.



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