EMAG: Machine Tools Turnkey Solution Leader from Germany




EMAG, a company founded in Germany, is a manufacturer of a variety of industrial machine tools, especially, in the Turnkey Solution category because it has a machine tools research and development center in Germany which is a technology research and development center: such as; turning, grinding, milling, gear hobbing, heat shrink assembly, power skiving, ECM/PECM, induction hardening and laser welding.


EMAG has an enormous range of technologies which are responsive to and ideally suitable for customers’ needs in working. In addition, it has experts to provide advices to the customers, especially, on the matter of the structure of the production process in each step as to whichever the parts are important and whichever the parts that can be cut in the production of one workpiece. This structure of the production will make the production process much faster and achieved workpieces with quality and standard. EMAG is considered a manufacturer of vertical machine tools of variety kinds of technologies for customers to choose from because its working nature is a Turnkey Solution.


Currently, EMAG has an office in Thailand under the name of “EMAG Systems GmbH Thailand”, a company ready to give advices and offer EMAG machine tools to Thai industrialists to be aware of and meet their needs for utilizations. Furthermore, the company provides direct after-sales service for customers. The machine tool preferably liked to be offered is VL2 Vertical Lathe.



VL 2 EMAG for All in One:

VL 2 is a 3-axis cylindrical lathe with an automatic control system that provides a speed of 6,000/rpm. It also can work with a maximum diameter of 100 mm. The machine structure is stable and robust with dynamic spindle being convenient to use. Another distinctive property is that it can complete workpiece production in one device as well as changing a maximum of 12 tools with precision, rapidity and working space saving. This lathe model is designed to be easy for in concert with the other production lines, especially, the automated assembly lines: such as; conveyor belts and workpiece tool changer, etc. There are several models of this vertical lathe: namely; VL 4, VL 6 and VL 8 which users can have their choices for use as suitable.



“EMAG has just entered Thailand to do marketing not long ago by setting up EMAG Systems GmbH Thailand to provide direct supports to EMAG sales and service work. The important thing is that EMAG wishes to provide services to the existing customers in Thailand because over in the past, customers in Thailand had imported the products directly from both China and Germany. This emergence of EMAG in Thailand will result in the customers to have assurance and confidence in EMAG’s machine tools and solutions.”



“It is not our purpose to get the customers to see EMAG machine tools as to what model we have currently had in the catalog because we will not produce machine tools for keeping in stock. Yet, we want to go and see whichever the kind of workpiece our customer will produce, and then next, we will find solutions and produce machine tools with a suitable technology and precisely consistent with our customer’s  workpiece production”, recapped Mr. Hartmut von Fugler, Sales Director, East Asia/Southeast Asia, EMAG GmbH & Co. KG.

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