About us

Smart Trade Publications Company Limited was established in 2002. We have carried out business in all types of printing media and is the publisher of “Manufacturing Review” magazine which is a magazine featuring information and news on machine tools for use in manufacturing industry by presenting interviews with executives and various technological articles in the production process related to the industrial sector. The magazine is prepared in 2 languages (Thai – English) and published bi-monthly. At present, “Manufacturing Review” magazine has published and printed the industrial news for more than 23 years for disseminations to the target groups in various manufacturing industries in Thailand. Later in 2007, the Company opened a magazine under the name pf “PLAS & PACK” for entrepreneurs and those interested in the plastics, packaging industrial sector including contents related to food and beverage industry in order to communicate information on the machines, tools, technologies, techniques, and various interviews to the target group in the plastics industry to be aware of and enable them to keep pace with the current world of the plastics industry. The magazine is prepared in two languages (Thai – English), published and disseminated for more than 17 years. Up to the present,  “Manufacturing Review” and “PLAS & PACK” magazines have accounted for more than 50,000 interested subscribers and followers in our media channels, both Offline (Magazines) and Online, such as, websites, Facebook, You Tube, and others, so much so that we have received Recognition of Professionalism in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific Region for our dedication under the theme, “Quick, Prompt, and Upright to the Point”.

Our Service Work.

Smart Trade Publications Company Limited is well-versed in all types of printed media. Because of the reason that we are a specialized media magazine focusing on the production industry contents in Thailand and abroad, it therefore gives us the opportunities to be close to the manufacturing industrialists such as the executives, factory managers, engineers, factory employees including variously related production departments to the extent of making us trustful by leading companies of the world both in Thailand and abroad as a service provider and organizer of the events and various industry seminars such as online seminars, meetings and seminars, exhibition booth constructions, employees and customers parties and press conferences, etc.