Autodesk Joins Hands with D TechData Organizing “Autodesk Learning Partner Summit 2023” Seminar




Autodesk joins hands with D TechData to organize the “Autodesk Learning Partner Summit 2023” Seminar by inviting partners from all over Asia such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, to join the meeting to drive solutions and technological innovations in software to respond to the needs of customers in the digital age, at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok.






Ms. Kyra Ward, Director, Global ALP Programs, Autodesk, revealed that, “In joining hands between D TechData and Autodesk to organize the “Autodesk Learning Partner Summit 2023” Seminar this time, we have an aim for our partners to grow and update things which are about to happen. Therefore, it is good that nice things will happen to us and our partners.”







On the matter of our supports and co-operations with partners in response to the software usage needs, we divide our actions into 2 parts: First, is to take part in helping to provide trainings to the industrial sector to increase working potentials using software with the maximum efficiency whereon the second part is our desire in wanting to help build personnel and software awareness in educational institutes because those personnel in the future will be in various industrial sectors.








“In the era of electric vehicles, Autodesk has Fusion 360™ solution which is a complete platform and solution ideally suitable for manufacturers in the electric vehicle industry and Autodesk has an aim to bring Fusion 360™ software for disseminations to the educational institute group, because the personnel in those educational institutes when they come out to the industrial sector, we firmly believe that those personnel may come to support the electric vehicle industry which is currently growing.”







Mr. Thavat Bundit-anukul, Country Manager, Tech Data Advanced Solutions (Thailand) Limited., added that the “Autodesk Learning Partner Summit 2023” D TechData had an important goal which was a desire to make ALP partners aware of new news or trends currently happening including networking to exchange opinions between partners in ASEAN to bring knowledge about the use of Autodesk software for disseminations to users and educational institutes correctly and for maximum benefit.



Our target market is divided into two main Groups: the EEC Group which is in the infrastructure design section called the Structural Engineering and Construction Group and the other group which is in the design work or the D&M Group, as we call, which will be the Group of Producers of various products. Both of these main Groups see that we want to grow all along together.



Autodesk’s software is updated all the time every year, and some of the software may even be updated every three months. With regard to all these, Autodesk strives to gather them to keep ALP partners to be aware of, particularly, the latest software technology of Autodesk by having an aim that when ALP partners have opened classes for teaching method on usage  to users or educational institutes, the new features or solutions latest updated will be offered to the customers, as well.