Charge 24, Leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Station Technology with ALL IN ONE Charging Solutions, Provides Complete Convenience to Users in all Comprehensive Forms.




Ms. Nadawan Homsuwan, Chief Commercial Officer, said, “Charge 24 is a leader in electric vehicle charging station technology engaged in the business as the EV Charger service (AC, DC), Platform, and Electric Vehicle Charger Application by having available the chargers for Home Use, particularly, those having been being looked for Passive Income businesses. We have chargers for Business along with Platform and Kiosk for transactions being readily available for providing convenience to all types of users, with complete services on advice and recommendations about electric vehicle chargers readied to be provided.




Charge 24 launches application and 3 types of platforms as follows:




  1. Sinexcel SEC DC FAST CHARGER SERIES where the system of which for easier, safer and faster charging of electricity into the vehicle has been developed. The vehicles can be fully charged in just 20-45 minutes and can run 200-300 kilometers which is ideally suitable for the long trips without having to look for charging stations often. The chargers come with a modern look and easy to access, can support an easy service payment system, as well, and are ready for the expansions on the installation points soon.




  1. Sinexcel Interstellar, an EV AC Charger, which is a smaller size than a DC unit, is ideally suitable for  the business establishments being accommodation  facilities and hotels that allow the service users to charge batteries overnight where the electricity charging will take approximately 6-8 hours, longer than DC, which definitely meets the needs of the traveling electric vehicle customer group in choosing hotels or accommodation  facilities having electric charging stations.




  1. Dashboard, kiosk, that supports more convenient spending without having to download an application. Screen showing the use of electric charging services shows the charging status and also supports payment of all forms of services.




Mr. Kittipop Pimboot, Chief Operating Officer, said, “At the same time, there have also been the small to medium size business groups who use 1-2 parking spaces for installing AC or DC chargers that need a billing system and want to display their own charging stations in order to enable the EV users to find the charging kiosks that, in responding to such needs, Charge 24 has a platform that answers their needs on the management of the charging stations and sable, and easy-to-use billing stations, and can even do the white label for business owners to build their brand, as well.




In addition, we have plans to install kiosks that can perform financial transactions without having to download an app and can make payments through many channels including QR Code, Promptpay, and credit cards or Charge24 membership cards for the convenience of EV users as much as possible as well as having 40 service centers nationwide that will be ready to provide comprehensive services to customers,” added Mr. Pimboot.