Cobot Working in Collaboration with CMM Machine Helps Increase Production Capacity Process and Reduce Working Steps


Mr. Akarin Hemyoo, Managing Director of CERATHAI Co., Ltd., presented a Cobot (Collaboration Robot) of Universal Robots brand, which is a robot that can work together with people safely and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) of Hexagon brand in picking up workpieces automatically. This solution has been designed for the maximum flexibility and simple use with the drawer loading value from 3-6 drawers that can be set. Each drawer has a storage space of 0.3 square meter that can contain parts up to 100 kilograms. The cobots which are lightweight make the mobility somewhat easy and provide collision detection and stop that allow the value setting to be made, as well. In addition, they can help reduce the work process, and enable the operator to see workflow of the measurement function. Cobots help reduce the working labor because the processing system is of a real time and everything is fully automated that can be monitored by only one operator as the system is all connected. In this time integration between Universal Robots and Hexagon, work can be performed together seamlessly and effectively.




“In the future, the potential for cobots to be used can be seen in a variety of applications because, at present, our company has integrated them for use whether it’s the work in screwing, spraying head, polishing head which we make it into Plug and Play, easy to use, responding to customers’ needs, reducing the value setting, complex processing, and difficult programming. In the future, there may be other devices or new applications for working in collaboration with cobots that will eventually result in the increase in the efficiency in the customers’ businesses,” added Mr. Hemyoo.


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