IIT Steel work Moving Ahead Towards Expanding Its Metal Cutting Capacity with HSG Brand, Worthwhile Both on Price and Performances.

IIT Steel work Co., Ltd., has been engaged in manufacturing business such as sheet metal works, productions of workpieces according to the drawings, gears and gear chambers, industrial machinery spare parts, and ready to provide advice on designing and the productions, including manufacturing parts for customers by using machines and tools in the Company’s distribution chains. The Company is an affiliate of the IIT Group.


Mr. Kridsada Sricheangrab, IIT Steel work Factory Manager Department, said, IIT Steel work is engaged in contracting works for the productions of all kinds of sheet metal works such as laser cutting and welding where our targeted customers are in every industry related to sheet metal works such as automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, construction work, and agricultural industries. IIT Steel work is also a place of the showroom center for tools and machines for customers in the IIT Group of companies that sell the machines. Interested customers can drop by for a visit to the center to see the working process of the machines in the actual production. The machines for fully complete use in working whether for cutting, folding, laser cutting, welding and assembling are available. The customers can view the actual functions of the Machines in full efficiency.



IIT Steel work factory has invested in importing HSG brand machinery for use in the productions and become a distributor of such brand machinery in Thailand, as well. HSG brand pipe cutting machine is a brand from China which can be regarded as one among the China’s top brands. The R3 Plus pipe cutter is accredited with the DIN 6 Standard from Germany, so, customers are trustful for the efficiency of the machine with full satisfaction.


The machine can cut pipes in round and square shapes as well as C steels with precision. The structure and materials for assembly are totally of German standard. The machine The machine works quickly and accurately, with a capacity to handle the largest and longest workpieces of 350 millimeters and 6 meters, respectively, and is a machine that cuts the workpieces with least fraction of only 85 millimeters remaining left over, thus, being able to help reduce the production costs and increase value of the workpieces.


It is obvious that throughout the 10th years anniversary of the IIT Group, we had perpetually kept carrying on the developments whether it was on the matter of the products and personnel. We built confidence in our customers by focusing on the customers’ satisfactions, producing quality products for deliveries in a timely manner, continuously developing and improving work processes, enhancing new technologies to support all types of works in a comprehensive manner, promoting and developing personnel in terms of knowledge and expertise by sending them for training abroad as well as working with our partner companies in foreign countries.