Informa Markets supports government-private sector cooperation to drive net zero efforts through INTERMACH 2024, Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024



Informa Markets brings together the public and private sectors to drive net zero carbon goal by highlighting sustainability development at the two mega-exhibitions “Intermach 2024” and “Plastics and Rubber Thailand 2024”, scheduled for May 15-18, 2024, at BITEC, Bangna.



Mr. Sanchai Noombunnam, Country General Manager – Thailand, Informa Markets, a leading industrial and innovation exhibition organiser, said that sustainability and industrial growth are the key focus of the global business circle. This year, the “INTERMACH 2024”, ASEAN’s 40-year-old industrial machinery technology and OEM exhibition, will be held under “Bridging Manufacturing Solution Towards Net Zero Carbon” concept. Meanwhile, the Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024, will be held under the “Step to Net Zero Carbon in Plastics and Rubber Industries and driving through Sustainability”.



The concepts are designed to support the industrial sector’s move towards net zero carbon,  the implementation of Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism that may unavoidably affect exports to Europe. This year, Messe Dusseldorf Asia, a part of the world’s No.1 exhibition organiser, has cooperated with Informa Markets for the first time in organizing this event.



Thailand is a leading player in the region and global industrial machinery as well as the plastics and rubber markets. The country is a major producer and exporter of plastic and rubbers to key markets like China, Japan, India and ASEAN. Plastics and rubber industry plays a significant role in the downstream industries, like auto parts, electrical equipment, electronics, packaging, medical equipment, construction materials and clean energy, etc.



Informa Markets will also promote cooperation between the public and private sectors, including Thai Automotive Institute, Thailand Auto Part Manufacturers Association, and Thai Tool and Die Industry Association (TDIA), as well as 40 leading partners. Such support will enable industrialists and business operators of all sizes to have easy access to advanced production technology and solutions, knowledge and innovations that help them stay competitive in the market where production process is under transition towards sustainability.



INTERMACH 2024 and Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024 will be held in parallel with the SUBCON Thailand 2024, an ASEAN’s Most Important Industrial Subcontracting and Business Matching Event, and the TyreXpo Asia 2024, an international tyre exhibition, in order to connect Thai operators with huge business opportunity and over 47,000 industrialists worldwide.



Dr. Prapin Abhinorasaeth, President of Thai Automation and Robotics Association (TARA), added that it is very important to introduce automation and robotics in the industrial sector, especially during the highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Efficient automation should cover the entire production line, IT system used for managing production line and business operations. Data management using cloud computing will enable producers to measure output and wastes, which will lead to further improvement to reduce errors, waste and emission from production process.



TARA has cooperated with Informa Markets in organizing Industrial Automation and Robotics Show as part of INTERMACH 2024. The show is aimed at promoting automation and robotics technology for production improvement and important information sharing. Members of related associations will be guided around the event to have a comprehensive overview of the show. In addition, the Industrial Automation and Robotics Show will be a venue for members to bring their products on exhibition and sales, and participate in the eight interesting seminars and panel discussion forum. Through information sharing and update, TARA expects an extensive adoption of automation and robotics among Thai industries.



Joining the Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024, PTT Global Chemical Plc. (GC) emphasized on its commitment to operating environmentally friendly business and to achieving net zero goal within 2050. A leading international chemical company, GC aims to enhance consumers’ quality of life while maintaining responsible operations. Its commitment and continuous efforts to promote sustainable development has been confirmed by many international awards and accolades. GC is Ranked Number 1 for 5 consecutive years (2023) in the Chemicals Business Group by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and in the global sustainable company with a Top 1% S&P Global ESG Score. The company has introduced many innovations and products from recycled plastics or post-consumer resin (PCR), such as PCT PET (rPET) in different forms and PCR HDPE (rHDPE), as well as bioplastic products, such as bags, cups and straws, upcycled products and purging compound, which are all of high quality and practical.



Interested persons may join the INTERMACH 2024, Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024, Subcon Thailand 2024 and TyreXpo Asia 2024 from 15-18 May 2024, from 11.00-18.00 hrs., at BITEC, Bangna.  More information about INTERMACH 2024, please visit, and for Plastics & Rubber Thailand 2024, visit