JSR Group Firmly Committed to Finding Solutions Including Services to Respond to the Best Needs in Every Industrial Change



        Mr. Annop Jirojjaturonn, Executive Director of J. Sri Rung Rueng Group Co., Ltd., on behalf of JSR Group said that, JSR Group is a leading importer and seller of integrated industrial equipment whether they are metal trimming machines, precision measuring devices, maintenance equipment including automation system, which is ready to cooperate with top brand alliances around the world to respond to the needs of customers.


Mr. Jirojjaturonn mentioned account on the company and what services that have been provided to support the industrial sector to the extent of making your company being reputable mainly, we, in JSR Group, have a very clear vision on the matter of being the leader in the field of the industrial equipment, both on the distributions and transfers of necessary know-how through our working team to users to maximize benefits of industries of Thailand. This is therefore our clear-cut goal that the way which we have developed, both on the aspect of the equipment and methodology of incorporating the strengths that we have been supported by our partners, would effectively enhance the industrial sector. These are services that we provided to the Thai industrial sector.


What will be the Industrial Trend in Terms of the Use of Advanced Metrology Instruments in 2023 markets with a current trend of the industrial sector adjustments which are somewhat rather rapid, it can be observed that many factories have begun to move of looking for innovation to increase the production efficiency and reduce costs both on the aspect of time and expenses hidden under the process. Deriving from the aforementioned problems, it can be seen that if our customers are unable to see the hidden problems, an accurate and appropriate optimization will not happen. Therefore, the role that the JSR Group is trying to play to help them out at this point is to point it out to their customers where the wounds are bleeding within the process and then enlarged the image to be clearer and serve the best solutions to our customers. From our experiences of nearly 10 years of starting to work at this point, there are many cases where most factories cannot see these images. These make the Advance Metrology that we are exerting our efforts to combine into the solutions to play a substantial part in fixing and improving at this point.



Unlock industrial capabilities and support projects for industrial sector with Advanced Metrology technology from JSR. JSR Group has been prepared for all these things by integrating advanced metrology equipment with the automation system and linking measurement and inspection data to provide immediate visibility of output by relying on our experience and expertise in such particular field and the measurement technology from the Mitutoyo brand as well as combining our strengths in this area with the technology of 3D Scanner + Vision System and adopting automation system to help manage the entire system until completely integrated solutions are obtained in the inspection. This is an example of the development by merging the strengths of the innovations into a system. Nevertheless, it is not enough though, if any factory should wish to analyze the data generated from the inspection to find ways to improve the efficiency, we could also prepare a data management system for plug-in immediately, thus, making the originating process required to be checked to be under our visual control through various monitoring systems depending on wherever each factory will focus in production control.


Important step of JSR for the industry in taking part in INTERMACH 2023 – JSR Group our company also takes into account the needs of the products of the market, we also pay attention on the nature of use, purpose and problems that customers want to solve because it is indeed certain that some equipment may have multi-working functions that not all of them are appropriate. we need to find the right solution data management for methodology for applications to maximize the benefit of our customers under the basic principle; that is, the customers must achieve the highest productivity in their works and can also fully meet their needs.


We also see INTERMACH as an important platform that allows us to communicate with customers in the new technologies that we want to introduce to them. This event is considered the first event of the year whereby the awareness can definitely be created first. When we have an overall system which is ready to be used in our customers within the INTERMACH 2023. JSR Group therefore uses this platform in communicating through the concept “We Serve Solution”