MAGMASOFT® Globally Recognized Leader in Model Casting Work. M5 Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a distributor of MAGMASOFT® Casting Simulation in Thailand.


MAGMA is a leader in the development and an international distributor of casting simulation software having its head office established in Germany in 1987. MAGMA has demonstrated its innovation and efficiency in solving casting problems and its strong alliance with foundry industry. In this connection, MAGMA has compiled knowledge of foundry processes mixed with casting simulation with firm determination to deliver the services and to being a consultant on the aspect of quality and modern metal casting works to increase confidence, profitability and efficiency in the production process for customers.


M5 Engineering (Thailand) Company Limited was established in 2013 as a sole official representative in Thailand and provides services related to the quality development of metal casting works and the increase in the production process efficiency by using MAGMASOFT® Casting Simulation.



During the passing GIFA Southeast Asia 2022, MAGMA took part in the exhibition to show its innovations and software technology solutions for Casting Simulation to enable personnel in metal casting industry to see MAGMA’s software solutions and that on such occasion, “Manufacturing Review” Magazine had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jan Eilers, General Manager, MAGMA Engineering Asia-Pacific Pte., who stated,  “In taking part in this event, we have a goal to meet with and talk to our customers after we have encountered the COVID-19 situation for more than 2 years; it is indeed a potentially good opportunity that we may meet more new customers in the foundry industry. Most importantly, we still have new MAGMA solutions to offer to our customers.”



MAGMA is constantly developing solutions even in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic which, in this connection, its software development team in Germany of more than 50 people is constantly and perpetually developing the solutions. Over in the past, we had met and talked with partners, both old and new, through video conferencing continuously. Normally, our customers would take into account the matter of the efficiency and precision. Therefore, on the new version of the software to be offered, we would focus on the matter of increasing the working speed, making it more convenient and easier including the environmental preservation such as the simulations or set-ups of various projects faster because we mainly focus on the convenience and speed of the users. As of now, we are developing the material composition measurement jointly with our partners in order enable us to know the real value in the simulation of such material. In the past, we put the real value of alloy material into the MAGMA software program as much as possible so that the result of the program can be analyzed most accurately. MAGMA and its partners are constantly conducting the research because it will make the obtainable result accurate and stable.


“Currently in Germany, there are Giga Casts involving large parts in trucks and electric vehicles, a much growing trend which necessarily requiring MAGMA to develop its software programs to be in line with, including the increase in the` environmental protections. Therefore, the production model may change and entrepreneurs may need more cognitive education so that their businesses can grow and strive to survive in the future.”


MAGMASOFT®, a Tool to Help Reduce Waste Reduction, Increase Profitability in Foundry Works.


Mr. Leilers further said, MAGMASOFT® is the world’s leading foundry software accounted for more than 3,000 licensees around the world. It is one of the tools to reduce waste from the foundry process and can optimize the production process to be more accurate. It also helps to preserve the ecology and environment in your factory, as well.



“MAGMA is one of the tools to help entrepreneurs in their work processes. There are 3 main essential elements in working which are: 1. Tools, 2. Skills and 3. Thoughts for future changes. Therefore, MAGMA is yet another tool to support changes in the production process. In terms of the skills, knowledge or training may need to be added to increase various working knowledge and, finally, the concepts to cause changes in the future which is indeed important. If entrepreneurs do not look into the future as to what will happen in their business, another 2 things mentioned above will not happen.”


The Thai market is an important market for MAGMA as we see that there are various industries in Thailand with high potential to possibly grow in the future and when compared to Vietnam, despite having higher GDP rate than Thailand, but we still think that Thailand has higher skills and may push GDP to be higher in the future.


M5 Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a distributor of MAGMA and also the provider of the after-sales services to customers in Thailand with experts in each field from MAGMA Singapore to help train and update new knowledge to the Engineering Team to be ready to go in for providing the services to the customers in Thailand.