MIRA and SUBCON EEC 2023 Organize a Grand Event for Second Consecutive Year to Open Business Matching Platform to Strengthen Entrepreneurs in EEC Area



BOI consolidates forces with Thai  Subcontracting Promotion Association (SUBCON) and Informa Markets (Thailand) to launch MIRA (Maintenance, Industrial Robotics and Automation) and SUBCON EEC 2023, a grand event of its kind for the second consecutive year, to push forward a goal for Thailand to become a “Center for the Production and Procurement of Parts in the ASEAN Region,” strengthen entrepreneurs in the EEC area, raise level of Thai industry to the industry of the future. It is expected that more than 600 business pairings will occur with business connection value of over 2,000 million Baht to be created. The event is scheduled to take place at Nongnuch Pattaya International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chonburi.



Mr. Narit Therdsteerasukdi, Board of Investment Secretary-General revealed that MIRA (Maintenance,Industrial Robotics and Automation) and SUBCON EEC 2023 was aimed to be the only one and single event to bring about together the industrial products,solutions and services from both domestic and international leading companies for comprehensive exhibitions. It was also one of the largest and most important event ever for industry linking and business matching areas in the ASEAN region.




“The purpose of organizing this event other than being contemplated to being one of the largest industry linking venue in the Region, it is also very important for the development of Thai entrepreneurs to be able to create markets and link with the global supply chain because we very well realize that in creating the industrial base of the future, whether it be Electric Vehicles (EVs), electronics or automated system, the key core is to have a completely integrated and strong supply chain which will allow the industry to sustainably grow and make Thailand possess a capability to draw attention on the investments in the new industries, as well. As such, BOI has mapped out a policy and organized activities to help support the foreign companies to be able to link with parts manufacturers in the country as many as possible. In addition, those manufacturers have accumulated experiences and skills to the extent of being capable to manufacture parts for many leading companies, we therefore foresee a potential opportunity to push the domestic entrepreneurs, especially, Thai SMEs, into the global supply chain,” said Mr. Therdsteerasukdi.



Mr. Manu Leopairot, President of Informa Markets Thailand, said, as a leader in organizing the international trade exhibitions, we had worked in an integrated manner in concert with all sectors, especially, in being a part to support and promote the industry of the future in an important strategic economic area like the EEC through MIRA and SUBCON EEC 2023 organizing in collaboration with leading agencies such as Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) and Thai Subcontracting Promotion Association (SUBCON) in promoting the investment which was considered to be the only and single trade exhibition to bring about together the maintenance technology and industrial robotic maintenance and automated system, industrial solutions, from leading brands along with the industrial parts exhibition and the most complete business matching negotiation forum in the EEC area, to support the manufacturing sector and Thai businesses to be ready to support the industrial transformation of the future.






“In organizing this year event, more than 150 modern technologies and innovations in the industrial sector are brought about together for placing on exhibition where the conferences and seminars on important topics such as “From the Production Process Towards the Selection on the Use of Appropriate Automated System” and A Case Study of Prompt Engineering for Industrial Cybersecurity using ChatGPT will be held all along with. What people cannot afford to miss is the special technology zone, MIRA x FIBO, where the organizer has collaborated with Field Robotics Institute, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, to bring out three special technologies for placing on exhibition which consist of 1. .ModBoriraksa”, FIBO AGAINST COVID-19 (FACO), a robot that helps medical personnel during COVID pandemic where the concept of which can be adopted for furthering the management, 2. CHESS ROBOT, a chess playing activity between humans and robots playing international chess and 3. Interactive Virtual Aquarium, where fish with unique characters can be created by each visitor for releasing into the Virtual Aquarium. It is expected that more than 5,000 people will participate in the event. All sectors are of the same view that this event will mark yet a new milestone in the investment for the Thai economic sector,” added Mr. Leopairot.






MIRA and SUBCON EEC 2023 of this year will be held simultaneously with EEC Cluster Fair 2023, a trade exhibition related to targeted industries (S-Curve) in the EEC area, to raise its level to become a new investment destination in the country as well as to let invest