Solis, Solar Solutions Manufacturer and World-Class Energy Storage Answers Questions on Industrial and Commercial Needs.

Founded in 2005, Ginlong Technologies (Solis) is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of solar inverters. Solis string inverter technology is suitable for general household users. The commercial use and utility level are quality-controlled at every level of the production supply chain. By combining the supply chain with the world-class research and development as well as the production capability,Solis inverter performance can therefore be improved to suit each market in each region and provide services and supports to customers with the Working Team of expertise in the locality.










Ms. Kusalin Thamcharonkij, Chief Marketing Officer of LT Energy 4 Company Limited, the importer and distributor of inverter products under the Solis brand from China, said, Solis had the industrial and commercial string inverter products where a variety models of which have been sold, therefore, we would like to offer electrical power covering the range of 40kW-110kW. The most popular model in the industrial sector is the 3-phase Solis-110K-5G series which would be used for 10 MPPT designing with DC/AC ratio > 150 %, to support high power installations of 90MPPT/MW and the individual string currents up to 16 A, large PV panel to provide a more flexible layout with a lower impact on the environment but provides more production efficiency. The antiresonance can support more than 6MW of power in parallel with a single transformer. The String Intelligent Monitoring System can support Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis, with SVG mode functional during the nights. It is also equipped with an AFCI protection system that proactively helps reduce fire risk including technology that reduces voltage and can prevent leakage current. We can design to precisely meet the customers’ needs. So, the customers can definitely trust Solis products because Solis is flexible and has the best clean energy solutions. Currently, more than 50 MW has been installed in Thailand.




Whereon the after-sales services, we have a total number of 27 offices and service centers around the world. If the customers’ products should encountera problem or malfunction, the company being our dealer can be contacted immediately through which a team of experts will be dispatched to provide advice including replacing the products within 48 hours so that our customers will not lose their times in generating the electricity.