Universal Robots To Host The Largest Collaborative Robots Conference in Asia Pacific


Universal Robots, the leader in collaborative robots (cobots) with a global presence, will be hosting Collaborate APAC 2022, the largest cobot conference in the Asia Pacific region. The Collaborate APAC 2022 at  in Bangkok, Thailand.


This year, the theme of Collaborate APAC 2022 is “Redefining Automation to Stay Ahead of the Curve”.


“The trends in adopting automationis rising and we believe there is no reason to slow down. Technological advancement and rapid changes in the automation sector offer new opportunities to businesses across multiple industries. Our message is clear, we want to create a world where people work with robots, not like robots. Collaborative robots can support, empower and co-exist with human workers rather than replace them,” says Mathias Wiklund, Chief Commercial Officer, Universal Robots



Visitors will discover new concepts and approaches to automation involving the perfect human-robot collaboration and take a deep dive into successful cobot deployments in assembly, dispensing, finishing, machine tending, material handling, material removal, quality inspection, palletising, welding and more. The key benefits of cobots will be presented in live demonstrations to explain how businesses can adopt automation with ease. Besides, the new UR20 cobot will be making its debut in Asia Pacific at Collaborate APAC 2022. Attendees at the event will experience first-hand how UR20 cobot loads and unloads heavy workpieces into a machine fixture requiring long reach.