Waterjet Technology That Can Cut All Kinds Of Workpieces And Can Be Adopted For Use Widely In A Variety of Industries


Siam Anankit Partnership Limited has carried out the business as a distributor of high pressure waterjet cutting machine, high pressure water pump, including equipment and various parts related to high-pressure water technology also known as the waterjet, imported from the United States of America, produced by Flow International Corporation, a world-class leader in the production technology and the development of waterjet system with high efficiency and safe for environmental impacts as well as being a distributor of metalworking machines such as laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and CNC metal punching machines of high quality, produced by United Pro Arc Corporation from Taiwan.



Mr. Natdanai Sirirum, Sales Engineer, speaks about Mach 300 high-pressure waterjet cutting machine or waterjet that its specialty is to be able to cut all materials, whether irons, stainless steels, aluminums, brasses, coppers, titanium, marbles, granites, ceramic tiles, glasses, composite materials, carbon fibers, etc. It can be seen that almost all kinds of materials can be cut. The machine can cut workpieces 3 times faster than other cutting machines from very thin to 100 millimeters without any heat effect or making the workpieces deformed, but helping in reducing the operational steps, finishing workpiece cutting successfully and can be used in one step without any need for another surface treatment process. For the work in the production line, the waterjet machine can be adopted for use in mass productions such as in the productions of car interior mats, wooden siding or fiber cement boards. It can be seen that the machine can respond to the needs of every industry depending on whichever the field the customers will use it for to extend the production process in any industry.


In terms of the after-sales-services, with more than 10 years of experience in high-pressure technology and a flow-trained technical service team, we are ready to provide services on the installations, maintenances and trainings. There is also a Waterjet Technology Center for displaying machine on the usage or allowing visitors to try workpiece cutting. The Center also serves as the Service Center of Spare Parts for Southeast Asia Region, as well.