FACTORIUM Machine Maintenance Management Platform Developer



FACTORIUM is the machine maintenance management platform developer that has focused on all types of manufacturing industries. Its distinctive strength is the adoption of MOBILE APPLICATION for use in the operations of maintenance engineers and the production department which is easy to use, remarkably unique and breaking away from traditional engineering software. It has a FREEMIUM service model that allows small organizations to use free of charge.




FACTORIUM has jointly developed new technologies with many renowned world-class companies through the latest platform called Machine Intelligent, which is a connection to data storage system, to analyze intelligent data with Programmable Logic Command Centers or PLCs. With no need for installing any additional hardware or sensor, the machine’s vast data can be taken out for use to predict life expectancy, anomaly and monitor health, many efficiencies of machines in real time. The cost of such technology is way lower as much as dozens of times cheaper than using an IoT system imported from abroad and that it can also extend to cover the creation of big database of the factories or the application of Machine Learning/AI system with the machine for predictive maintenance, as well.




Such system has a special function to simulate the machine working conditions with 3D simulation model that can visualize the machine operations or the production line together with parts in operations in real time with no need to go to the worksite. This is an innovation being part of the Digital Twin concept that have been being talked about a lot in Europe and America. FACTORIUM is the first company in Southeast Asia to develop such completely integrated technology.


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