Focaseiki Brand Machinery from Taiwan Acceptable in Thai Markets Responds to Production Process Needs

Focaseiki Brand Machinery from Taiwan Acceptable in Thai Markets Responds to Production Process Needs

Force Link Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the business as an importer and distributor of industrial machineries, measuring tools, both manual and automatic system, from Taiwan and China. Such products are suitable for Thailand because it is a developing country in the industries consequently resulting in a great number of factories being established over the past 16 years, eventuallymaking us specialized in machineries which are evident by our works and services being acceptable by the industrial factories, state enterprise sector and leading universities in Thailand.

Mr. Dusit Aiamsaart, Sales Representative, speaks about the vertical VMC 1500 Focaseiki brand machine in term of its special properties which arethe workpiece cutting speed of 12,000 millimeters per minute, the spindle of 8,000-10,000 rpm with the X, Y, Z axis coming with 7-angled bearings to reduce the effect of thermal deformation and that the servo motor system is used to control the main axis. The machine is functional with high precision, hence, ideally suitable for use in doing the work requiring a certain size, consistently equal quality for all workpieces.  Because the program is used in issuing work orders, the chance of an occurrence of any damage or requiring any corrections on a workpiece would be very slim or almost none. In addition, the machine can be operated around the clock with rapidity in the productions, thus, resulting in the achievement of high productivity, the ability to predict and plan the production precisely and eventually making us knowing of the working durationin order to enable us to makean appointment or deliver work to the client on schedule. Moreover, workpieces can be switched in many ways and the machine can be used as long as 4-5 years without any problems. All these advantages are likely deemed to be the responsive solution to solve problems in the market and in the machinery industry.

In respect of our after-sales-service, we have a Team of Skillful Technicians who are well-trained and highly experienced to provide assistances in thinking, making analysis and solve problems so that repairs can precisely be made and responses according to the needs of the customers most met with reasonable service fees. Furthermore, the customers’ machines are inspected each year and if any customer should have encountered any problems, maintenance can be conducted immediately for completion without much time required and the customer’s production process definitely not be affected.



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