Ford Uses “Fake Bird Poop” for Car Paint Protection Test




In the real world, when you take your car to spend your time out, one of the incidents which you will experience on your return, of course, will be the attacks by “bird poop droppings”. Many people may believe that being accidentally bombed by a sky dropping from a little bird is an auspicious omen, but, it will certainly not be good for your beautiful car paint.


Fortunately, Ford vehicles have already been tested to prevent this incident from occurring with the help of the “Fake Bird Poop”, the synthetic droppings created in Ford’s laboratory which is very much similar in virtual reality to snugly fit birds’ diets to the extent of mimicking a variety of birds to eat and help change the acidity levels in their poops. Parts for test were sprayed with the synthetic droppings and baked at the temperatures of 40 50 and 60 degree Celsius to simulate the car parked in a place with high heat that the acid can eat away at paint even quicker in high temperatures to cause the vehicles’ anti-corrosion agent to reach the limit.


The “Bird Poop Test” is just a one step to take the coated parts to test. In addition, Ford engineers apply phosphoric acid mixed with soap detergent and synthetic pollen to mimic tree sap and pollen in the real world for spraying onto the vehicle body before being baked at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. This test is used to prevent particles floating in the air like pollen and lumber scraps with sap.


In car wash, particularly, in tropical countries, car paint is especially vulnerable to damage because not only are there many birds in every season but also the car paint can still be changed and faded up in condition in the case where they are parked in and exposed to the hot sun at all times. When it comes to coolness, the internal car paint will change. Moreover, when bird poops stuck to the body surface are left like that, they will become permanent stains which the expert is necessarily needed to help to get rid of them.


The expert conducted the test and found that, the coating substance used by Ford in car paint pigment had the highest ability to resist reactions from contaminated air particles and withstand a lot of brutality in the real world of weather conditions in all forms by adjusting the formula of paint pigment, resin and other additives used in car painting and coating.


Science of the Bird Poop often consists of white and black, but don’t you know that they are not all the poops. The white color is uric acid created in the urinary tract of birds, thus, comparing to urine while the poop portion is from the digestive system and the body of a bird releases both wastes at the same time very quickly without allowing no time for both wastes to be mixed together.


Whereon the other form of paint test, Ford also uses the car paint sample to spray cars in many other test methods to see how paint deals with the natural elements such as ultra-violet light marathon for up to 6,000 hours (250 days) in the light room to simulate the 5-year duration in the brightest place in the world for the assessment of solar corrosion; soaking in the subzero temperatures to encounter ice frost clinging from the harsh winter; putting in the high humidity salt chamber and the experiment on gasoline baths to simulate over fueling the tank.



How to Wash Bird Poops from Your Car

It is not a good idea to leave your car to mess up with bird poops. Car owners should wash their cars regularly with sponges and warm water mixed with neutral acid car wash soap and gradually remove stains that are easily removed from the car immediately. Waxing twice a year will help ensure that your car’s paint can overcome various environmental conditions and keep your car spectacularly shinny longer.


“Once we have started to take the cars out and use it, naturally, we have to park them outdoors. It’s possible that birds will drop their poop bombs on our car much more than usual. Therefore, it will be better off to wash away the bird poop stains before sunlight has made it hard to remove them. But, at the same time, consumers can lay their trusts on Ford that Ford’s various tests can assure you that your car paints are best protected,” said Mr. Andre Theirik, Manager of Ford European Automotive Paint Engineering Department.


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