Great Wall Motor (GWM) is set to open its Rayong plant in Thailand as the company’s first smart factory in Southeast Asia



The new factory is fully equipped with advanced production technology and high-standard safety systems that echo GWM’s concept of “Intelligence, Safety and Green.” The opening is another solid proof of GWM’s commitment to produce and deliver quality automobiles to Thai consumers soon.




In only 7 months, GWM has everything in place to fully open its Smart Factory in Thailand, remarking as the first GWM Smart Factory in Southeast Asia. The official opening ceremony will take place at GWM’s Rayong factory on June 9, 2021, when the company will announce its readiness to begin the manufacturing operation with world-class standards with extensive support for hi-tech automobile production for delivery to Thai consumers.GWM’s Rayong factory will have a production capacity of 80,000 units per annum. It will serve as the production base for the right-hand-drive vehicles in this region. The production will be 60% for the domestic market and 40% for export to overseas market for right-hand-drive vehicles.




GWM’s global production system is currently comprised of 12 full production manufacturing plants, including Rayong factory in Thailand, plus five Knock-Down (KD) factories outside China. Each of them has different capacities, technologies, and strengths to support different production according to the market demands of each region. For example, the Smart Factory in Chongqing, China, is equipped with intelligent robotic technologies for welding and paintwork. It is focused on production of P Series pickup trucks and HAVAL SUVs. On the other hand, the Smart Factory in Taizhou city houses a smart park that intelligently connects data systems to enable smart coordination across the areas of research, production, procurement, marketing, human resources, and finance. This location serves primarily as the production base for ORA Good Cat. In addition to production facilities in key regions worldwide, GWM operates a global network of ten R&D centers in seven countries across the world to develop advanced automobile technologies and apply them to production to give its products more modern appeals, greater safety, better eco-friendliness, and the ability to meet the needs of modern-day consumers.


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