HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) Selects QAD Adaptive ERP

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HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) Selects QAD Adaptive ERP


QAD Inc. (Nasdaq: QADA) (Nasdaq: QADB), a leading provider of adaptive, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies, today announced that HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) has selected QAD Adaptive ERP for its facility in Thailand.


HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) is a global automotive supplier and leader in the seat adjusting mechanism industry. Its diverse portfolio of products includes more than 100 varieties of car seat recliners, 80 varieties of car seat glides, two varieties of car transmission shifting forks and dozens of varieties of fine blanking parts.


In April 2017, Magna International entered into a joint venture cooperation agreement with Hubei Aviation Precision Machinery (HAPM) in China to expand the company’s expertise throughout Asia. By July 2018, the cooperative relationship was established, resulting in two new companies, HAPM Magna Seating System Co Ltd. in Thailand and Magna International in Canada. HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) needed to get their production lines up and running as quickly as possible because they had a new customer, with a large contract to supply seating parts for a German car company in Thailand.


The HAPM parent company had been running QAD’s ERP solution since 2001, and after learning about the advantages of the latest version, HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) decided to select QAD again. The new company had limited experience with the cloud environment, but after the QAD team reviewed the risks of staying on-premise, and the headcount and infrastructure costs associated with that decision, HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) decided to employ QAD Adaptive ERP in the cloud.


“We were a newly established plant with only one customer, but we knew we had to factor the projected growth of our business into our ERP decision,” said Mr. Chaiwat NaSongkhla, General Manager, HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand). “We needed an ERP solution that would help us look to the future and provide the flexibility required to address our growth objectives. Moving our ERP solution to the cloud was absolutely the right decision and there is no question it will allow us to begin using the solution quickly and support our need for rapid implementation and future growth.”


HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) management was impressed by QAD Adaptive ERP’s extensive automotive functionality, its supply chain management capabilities and how easy it was to use.


“We are excited that HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) will be using QAD Adaptive ERP,” said QAD Managing Director, South Asia, Jan Biezepol. “The pace of change has increased for manufacturers, and we design our solutions to enable customers to react quickly to that change and turn it into a business advantage. QAD Adaptive ERP is built on the QAD Enterprise Platform. With the QAD Enterprise Platform, HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) will be able to modify and extend its functionality without having to employ customizations, which is critical for a new company working with new customers. With QAD Adaptive ERP, HAPM Magna Seating System (Thailand) will have a scalable, adaptable platform to build on for the future.”



“QAD is totally different from other ERP solutions,” added Mr. Chaiwat. “They have been in business since 1979 and they are a financially strong, global business. The best thing about QAD is they have a team that expertly understands the manufacturing business, especially automotive manufacturing and how to meet their customers’ needs.”

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