Helmut Fischer (Thailand) Puts on a Show of Industrial Element Measuring and Analyzing Solution

Helmut Fischer (Thailand) Puts on a Show of Industrial Element Measuring and Analyzing Solution

Helmut Fischer (Thailand) Puts on a Show of Industrial Element Measuring and Analyzing Solution

              Helmut Fischer (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the business of selling innovative measurement technology solution for thickness coating, material analysis for metal contents in the industry. The company’s customers are entrepreneurs carrying out the business of auto-parts, electronics, metal parts plating and jewelry.

“The solution which we have offered is Fisherscope® X-Ray of XUL® model, the best of its kind that can measure and analyze the percentage of elements and then thickness coating at the same time. Special property of this model is that it can be adjusted in terms of the energy receiver. The analysis on this type of work can be measured at the nano scale level and that it can measure the thickness in nickel-phosphorus coating work, as well. In addition, quantity of the measurement in percentages is controlled. Some models cannot measure in percentage, but, this model can do it,” said Mr. Somyos Pila, the Company’s Sales Engineer, in giving his information.

The solution can respond to the needs of customers in the group requiring percentage acquisition control. This device can make such calculation which is a development from the old model that cannot make the measurement and that the thickness measured by this model is from 3 nano upwards.

The measurement device from XUL® Series is an ideally suitable solution for the measurement of industrial metal elements whether the thickness of the coating layer is required to be specified quickly or high precision is needed, especially, in electroplating or in the production of electronic devices, X-ray equipments, fluorescence, which will be measured from the bottom up to the top, thus, allowing the position of the sample on the measuring platform to be able for easy adjustment. The whole X-ray equipments in this group are installed with the same detector. You can choose the X-ray apertures, filters and tubes to be suitable for each type of the measurement.

Interesting Properties:

  • Quick and easy position adjustment even with a large sample: such; an as assembled circuit board or a flexible circuit board with a large measurement opening and measurement direction from the bottom to the top.
  • Extremely comprehensive hardware options, hence, suitable for a wide range of measurements.
  • Supporting accessories, X-ray micro-focus tube, thus, it can be adapted for use with small structures and surface measurements of only 100 µm in diameter.
  • Can perform chromium coating measurements: such as; plastic part surface decorated with chromium.
  • Anti-corrosion coatings: such as; zinc on steel.
  • Circuit board and flexible circuit board coatings.
  • Plug contact surfaces and electrical contacts
  • Baht electroplating analysis.

Source: Derived from Manufacturing Expo 2019

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