Hikvision Announces the Launch of Touch-Free “MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals”.





Hikvision Announces the Launch of Touch-Free “MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals”.

Hikvision is the world’s leading provider of security solutions and products. With a highly skilled and extensively knowledgeable research and development team, the company manufactures a full range of solutions and products to support a variety of vertical markets. In addition to the security industry, Hikvision also expands its business to other industries: such as; smart home technology, automation systems in industries and electronic systems in cars in order to achieve long-term sustainable company vision on Hikvision products.

Hikvision is also a world-class leader in security CCTV solutions and products thereby the Touch-Free MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals for controlling and recording time in-out locations is launched.

Mr. Frank Chang, President of the International Product and Solution Center at Hikvision, said,  “We see the advantages of the ‘touch-free’ face scanning system by the advanced deep learning technology and a variety of functions. We believe that MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can deliver more efficiency and security to medium and small sized businesses, thus, helping them to control and record time of the location entries and exits much easier.”

Face Scanning with rapidity and precision even in a dark place.

MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals using deep-learning algorithm help increase facial scanning precision by over 99% and confirm identity in less than 0.2 seconds, deliver a satisfactory experience to users without having to touch which is much better, compared to the systems requiring to touch the identification card or make fingerprint scanning. In addition, MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals work efficiently even in the place with low light or without any light.

Safer with anti-spoofing technology:

Two lenses are used with MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals which are visible light lenses and infrared lenses. When both lenses have identified the person as the same person, such person then can enter and exit. In addition, the device can identify the face as the actual face, not an image. This anti-spoofing technology helps control the entries-exits more safely and can prevent time and attendance report from being cheated, as well.

Can be used in conjunction with other system diversely and smoothly:

MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals can be linked to door opening-closing system, video recording system and CCTV system smoothly which, in this respect, video can clearly record when an event has occurred. In addition, it can be used smoothly in conjunction with the other systems and that the MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals connection with the door opening and closing system and time and attendance system which the customers have already had can be fast and cost-effective.

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