How Japanese Industries Use Maintenance Technology for Smart Manufacturing

How Japanese Industries Use Maintenance Technology for Smart Manufacturing

Japan is one of the world’s leaders in the never-ending development of advanced technology and innovation, whether it is about automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, chemicals and many more. The developments in Japanare not only focusing on the replacement of new machines or systems but also on the application of technologies and equipment that adds to the existing processes and systemsand maximizes its efficiency. This all results that Japan is being able to develop the whole industrial chain, not only for large companies but also for small and medium sized entrepreneurs(or SMEs)who account for more than 90% of the whole nation’s industries. With this reason, public and private sectors in Japan have been givinghigh priority to maintenance technologies and solutions, i.e. introduction of innovations and technologies such as sensors, AI, automation systems, robotics, IoT, etc. This to maximize productivity and efficiency and thusto enable assessment and prediction which prevent risks in the process.


To Japan industries, “Maintenance” means not just repairing machines, but maximizing productivity and efficiency. Nowadays, maintenance activities utilizing IoT, Big Data, AI, robotics, etc. are considered as the basis of Industry 4.0 and the key to Smart Manufacturing.


“Maintenance & Resilience Asia 2019” will take place from 2-4 October 2019 at BITEC, Bangkok. The theme of the trade show is ‘Smart Manufacturing & Smart Infrastructure’and the event is organized by Japan Management Association (JMA) and Exposis. Officially supported by the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Transport, Chula Engineering, FTI and TPA. The objective is to introduce technology and innovation relating to manufacturing, infrastructure and maintenance for advanced and sustainable development to manufacturers, engineers, industry professionals – plus those with abiding interest – from Thailand and ASEAN.The 3-day exhibition will showcase advanced technologies, innovations, equipment and solutions for processing, engineering as well as infrastructure from local and international companies, especially from Japan. In addition, many interesting presentations and case studies will be conducted at the 3-day Maintenance & Resilience Asia 2019, 2-4 October at BITEC, Bangkok.More information and free registration: https://asia.maintenance-resilience.comemail: or phone (66) 2559 0856 – 8.

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