HSG Laser Responds to All Quality Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Work

HSG Laser Responds to All Quality Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Work

HSG Laser Responds to All Quality Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Work

We provide our customers with complete laser processing solutions. With many years of experience in the laser cutting industry, we therefore strive to provide complete, clear, straightforward details with sincere service and complete information before and after the decision making to buy machines in order to help customers to solve problems related to the production processes and technical data, to help customers to attain the expectations in the  production profitability and to be ready to be a part of the growth of customers in the future.

Mr. Teeraphol Phetcharat, Area Sales Manager, HSG Laser (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that, HSG Laser is a manufacturer of cutting machines for use in the metal industry of China which are the fiber laser machines used for cutting, especially, for metalwork. On the part of the production of the machines, HSG Laser has been developed all along with the adoption of fiber lasers for use in the early stage of the cutting process of the industrial group.  Mr. Phetcharat further added, “Originally, we had a jewelry and gold processing factory that needed fiber laser to help in our work processes. Subsequently, we saw the importance of such fiber laser technology that can be extended or responded to in other manufacturing industries. Therefore, we decided to be the import agent of HSG Fiber Laser Machines to support the production of Thai industry other than the factories already using fiber laser technology.”

At present, HSG Laser (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been a distributor of fiber laser machines from China for 4 years. The fiber laser technology that we would like to present is a fiber laser cutting machine for cutting pipes in symmetrical, square, circular or elliptical shapes. It can be used to cut pipes ranging from from H-Beam, U-Beam and L-Beam. The feature of this machine version is to consume the power of 1,000 watts, equipped with the automatic operation control system using program in commanding the functions and the program can be quickly modeled which, in this process, user just needs to have a work file  fed into the machine only. The machine will perform the cutting function according to the model. Another remarkably outstanding feature is the cutting speed including the stability value control or resolution up to 50 microns with a maximum length of 6 meters, thus, the machine is deemed to have a very high resolution.

The development of fiber laser technology was initiated from the CO2 technology and leaped to become the fiber laser. The working principle originates from the laser generator also known as the Laser Source then a light beam is sent via optic fiber to the cutting head and ongoing enter into the cutting process which will eventually give you the outstanding features in terms of the resolution and speed. In addition, the machine can be operated via the internet or Wi-Fi, as well. Such fiber laser innovation is ideally suitable for entrepreneurs engaged in a variety patterns of cutting jobs requiring high quality. Moreover, the cutting styles can be adjusted very easily when compared to tool set required to be used with the mold which will end up in a high cost. This machine model is suitable for mass production cutting.

“Some operators may be worried about the machine from China in respect of its service and quality. We can give you our guarantee on the quality of the machine up to 2 years. In addition, we have 4 after-sales service teams of 3 persons in each team including the experts of HSG, the machine manufacturer, stationed in Thailand, on hand to provide the services. With all these advantages, we hope that entrepreneurs would not be hesitant to lay your trusts on our service work which our teams stand readily to provide around the clock,” concluded Mr. Phetcharat.


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