Hybrid METALEX Making Adjustment, Ready To Take Metal Works Through Crisis

“We have been frequently asked if METALEX Exhibition Event is affected by this COVID situation.” In this regard, Ms. Sirirat Sungwichai, Project Director, Reed Tradex Company Limited, METALEX 2020 Organizer, the ASEAN Leading ‘s Exhibition Organizer on Tools and Metalworking Technology speaks about the impact from the crisis on the Trade Show in responding to these questions: “We can’t deny that the Event has been affected because all sectors are affected by this situation. Nevertheless, we have never stopped. Contrarily, our working team members have helped each other to think and work harder for the benefits of our customers.”

The Covid-19 disease pandemic is a tremendously pushing power to force everyone to live a new life or a New Normal lifestyle, multiply the importance in leading the life. It is in the same way for the production sector. The change in the point of view on the traditional style of working and then adopt technologies and machines for applications not only will help us to strive to overcome and step past through this crisis but also a preparation to run faster once everything has returned to normal.

“Over in the past several months, we spent our time talking with customers as well as the exhibitors and visitors. Many of them told us that they could not stop working because in being able to stand up once again, we must change our way of thinking and make readiness preparation to be able to recover the lost things faster when the situation has returned to normal. Various technologies and machines, of course, will play a role to help develop the efficiency both on the management and the productions including cost reductions. Everyone still wants to talk to the partner; find new customers or sellers; still wants to see new technology which will enable us to create digital tools and channels that will help to make connections with buyers and sellers whenever they want without having to wait until the day of the Trade Show. In addition, we have prepared the concept of Hybrid Exhibition to enhance our exhibitors to receive the optimal benefit, as well.”

Hybrid Exhibition is a combination of a physical event and a virtual event together whereby the buyers and sellers will have more ways to be able to meet one another and make business negotiations without any traveling frame or time clause constraints. “We have added the additional services so called On-demand Buyers Connectors that can help technology vendors build their identity and branding in the world of online together with making connections for them to meet with the buyers through the business matching or digital sourcing. Over in the past, we had successfully made the digital sourcing for many customers, thus, causing the customers’ meeting to be held through online channels.

In addition, we have just released a video campaign called We Are Here For You, in which our exhibitors are kindly present to share information in looking after the customers during the COVID period. everyone can visit the presentation on website: www.metalex.co.th or Facebook: www.facebook.com/metalexpage. Moreover, we have many campaigns and activities that are gradually coming out to educate and enable people in the metal works industry to connect to, talk with one another, including organizing webinars and road show activities. Everyone can make follow-ups on these good activities from our line of work through ID: @metalex)_expo.”

METALEX 2020, scheduled to be held from this forthcoming 18 – 21 November at BITEC Bangna is considered to be the largest machine and technology show in the country. So Reed Tradex has made a preparation for strict health safety measures. Sungwichai revealed the steps of actions on this matter that: “Reed Tradex is a member of the Reed Exhibitions group, which is the world leader in organizing Trade Shows which accounts for the events in 30 countries, therefore, the information is shared including the health safety measures in various countries always implemented. Over in the past, we have regularly monitored the situation and complied with the government sector regulations throughout the time as well as making preparation on health safety measures for our events to be held: such as; temperature will be measured, nurses and ambulances including quarantine rooms are prepared for, check-in through Thai Chana app is made, measure on the social distance and the density of event participants within each hall are implemented as prescribed by the government. So all participants can roam around comfortably without being worried about anything. Your hygiene and health are our matter of the first priority.”

You can follow details of the event including health safety measures from the METALEX website at www.metalex.co.th or call our Customer Service Center at 0 2686 7222. Before parting, Ms. Sungwichai concluded, “The METALEX team wants to encourage all entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry. We created the campaign, We Are Here For because we want to tell everyone that we are here for you. If there is anything we can do together to overcome this crisis, we would be more than happy always pleased. Just contact us, because we must step over and through all hindrances to a brighter future together.”


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