iForming PMS Simplified Metal Forming Control System from CHIN FONG

      CHIN FONG, the largest metal stamping machine manufacturer in Taiwan, is capable to conduct the research and development of highly efficient machines, currently having its sales offices and service teams around the world to support its customers to have potentials over their competitors.


CHIN FONG values and builds up good relationships with its customers as the long term partners by using the business philosophy of innovation, service and commitment which is considered its long-term vision to be the world’s leading service provider of metal forming technology. This goal will eventually be achieved through CHIN FONG’s relentless efforts through its co-operations with customers around the world.


Mr. James Peng, Managing Director of CHIN FONG (Thailand) Co., LtD., said that CHIN FONG in Taiwan is one of the manufacturers of metal stamping machines that has been in business for more than 80 years. Respective to its business in Thailand, CHIN FONG has had its office set up for approximately 30 years with our customers being in the automotive industry: such as; Nissan, Honda, Toyota and auto parts manufacturer: such as; in the Thai Summit Group including customers being European and American companies.


On the aspect of the technology that CHIN FONG would like to offer to the metalwork parts forming manufacturer group will be the IT control system which is used in the Industry 4.0. The machines can be connected to the internet system for use in controlling the operations of machines in all systems and functions of the work process which, in this respect, the operator can control the operations of the machines anywhere whether in the office or outside the factory. CHIN FONG calls this system, the “iForming PMS (Intelligent Forming Productivity Management System)”. This system will enable CHIN FONG machine users to control the operations easier no matter where you are and that the system can support work in the mobile, tablet, iPad, notebook and PC which the users can check the operation process of each machine in the factory from this iForming PMS system.


“CHIN FONG’s strong point on the service work is that we have a service team available to take care of our customers around the clock, thus, resulting in our service work to be acceptable by them in terms of fast service. And more importantly, if any of our customers should be faced with a problem on the technical production or the operation of the machine, CHIN FONG can go in to provide assistance immediately. Furthermore, we have CHIN FONG at our Taiwan head office on wait to provide assistance, as well, because we have completely integrated range of services.”

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