IIT Steel Work Expands Production Capacity with 4,000 Watt HSG Fiber Laser, Emerging a New Dimension of Worthwhile and Cost-Effective Sheet Metal Cutting Works



IIT Steel Work Expands Production Capacity with 4,000 Watt HSG Fiber Laser, Emerging a New Dimension of Worthwhile and Cost-Effective Sheet Metal Cutting Works


IIT Steel Work Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacturing business: such as; sheet metal works, production of workpieces according to the drawings. gear and gear chambers, industrial machinery spare parts. The company is one of the affiliates in IIT Group.


Mr. Ekkachai Boonrew, IIT Group Sales Manager, reveals that IIT Steel Work is a manufacturing contractor of all kinds of sheet metal works: such as; cutting works, laser cutting, welding, assembling, targeting on all industrial groups related to sheet metal works: for instance; the automotive industry, electrical and electronics equipments, construction works, agricultural industry, etc. In this respect, the work outputs must meet the specified qualities and be delivered on time.


“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IIT Steel Work has adjusted its work process to be in line with the aforementioned situation. Thus, the production system has been changed to be of more Smart Factory nature by adopting automation system for use in the production process: such as; machine technology, moving system including various Hand Tools that can work on more easily. In the future, we may determine to deploy robots to work in conjunction with the machines and people which will make it easier for people to work and the people can be used to work at their highest efficiency.”


The IIT Steel Work factory is also a showroom center of tools and machines for customers of the affiliates in the IIT Group that sell the machines. Interested customers can come for a visit to the working process of the machines in the actual production at this IIT Steel Work factory. Machineries for all utilizations whether in relation to the cutting, folding, laser cutting, welding, assembling operations are fully placed on display here. Customers making a visit will see the real work of the machines at full efficiency because IIT Steel Work factory has long accumulated the experience in the manufactures of parts or sheet metal work of all kinds, as well as experiencing various know-how being used to produce various works.


Worthwhile and Cost-Effective HSG Fiber Laser


The IIT Steel Work factor has made the investment in importing HSG brand machines for use in the productions and to become a distributor in Thailand, as well. The HSG brand fiber laser machine is a brand from China. It is one of the five leading fiber laser machines in China, with the production capacity of 4,000 watts, a width of 2 x 4 meters, can cut steels up to 20 millimeter thick, aluminums and stainless steels about 12 millimeters. In the future, the company is looking forward to deploying the machines with the production capacity of 15,000 watts in the expansion of its production capacity including to set aside one of them a production showcase for interested customers, as well.





HSG has a fast after-sales service, with a Technical Team that can be contacted via WeChat or various online channels 24 hours a day. As IIT Group is a distributor of fiber laser machines, HSG can guarantee 100% after-sales service, whether on the use of the equipments and parts because the sufficient stocks of the spare parts have been kept in Thailand. The company has a policy to provide services to customers within 48 hours. In this regard, within the first 60 minutes, no matter what to which department you have contacted, there will be our staff    to contact you immediately to undertake remedial actions online first. Or if the initial troubleshooting cannot successfully be made, we will send our Team to solve the problem on site no later than the timeframe of 48 hours.



We see the machines from China, in terms of the quality, to be the important matter. But, the most important things of the Chinese machines are the after-sales service, maintenance and  adjustment on the machines to make them more readily available to be put to use rather than anything. Nowadays, the Chinese machines have high technology obtained from both Germany and Japan. 80% of the accessories in the machines are assembled from Europe and Japan, thus, making this machine model from China being able to respond to the needs of the industrialists in the COVID-19 era, because many of you, the entrepreneurs, may need to have the cost-saving at this time.



“The Service Policy of IIT Group and all its affiliates is to place the emphasis on the “Excellent Service from the Customers’ Points of View.” Therefore, no matter what it is the work on the sales, productions, services, the answers must be received directly from the customers. On the part of the production, we use CRM for retroactive calls to our customers who brought the workpieces for use as to whether such workpieces are correct and meeting the quality or not. The customers will be, of course, the instrumental evidence to confirm our answer with regard to our slogan, “Excellent Service from the Customers’ Points of View.”

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