Innovative Disinfection with AI Automation Robots and Services.




Innovative Disinfection with AI Automation Robots and Services.



IAS Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Connols Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and having many affiliated companies in the Connols Group, is a leader and specialist in One Stop Services on Clean Room construction work for more than 20 years. Founded by Singaporeans for a long time, the Company covers all sectors of the industry until present: such as; market, electronics, hard disk drives, automotive, pharmaceuticals, etc., with customers of more than 150 factories in such groups having been built. At present, the Connols Group has foreseen the



importance of the expanding business from such a group to meet the needs of the customers’ complete One Stop Services and the services thoroughly covering all areas that respond to the current’s business requirements of One Stop Service model, such group of affiliates therefore expands another field of business to support future business which is technology and AI innovations that have been being continuously developed in the present era.



Ms. Supitra Deepan, General Manager, said, IAS Technology Co., Ltd., has been in business since 2002. In the first phase, we operated as a service provider for Air Condition System which were large size air-conditioning units used in factories, department stores, buildings, hospitals and hotels, etc., and sales and service work, including the after-sales- services: such as; spare parts, maintenance work, etc. At present, IAS has expanded its services in the AI system group which are autonomous robots that work independently with modern technology system that meet the nowadays needs under the BIG L brand. The technology is controlled and checked under the standard from Singapore.



On the BIG L robots, they are classified into 4 types of applications: The first type being the Air Disinfection and Air Purification Robots which include PM 2.5 value detections and world standard air purification that eliminate viruses, dust, smoke and air contaminants, have HEPA Filters to help purify the air by UV sterilization +ION- and photocatalyst sterilization, connected via automatic application, communication tools, independently functional in the built-in TOF Lidar navigation sensor to prevent obstacles.



Whereon the second type are the Ultraviolet Disinfection Robots that can disinfect by UV with high efficiency up to 99.99% in a wide area of 1,000 square meters within a few minutes and can measure body temperature and signalize an alert if there is an abnormal temperature, with precision, detect and recognize faces by cameras and high resolution video and fast real-time monitoring.



And the third type, the Spray Disinfection Robots, are high-resolution aerosol disinfection robots for which nanotechnology is applied. The robots are uniquely outstanding in the properties which are equipped with the automatic navigation aid and built-in battery that can spray aerosol at 2,200 milliliters/hour and the last type, the Services Robot that can perform smart deliveries, reduce exposure from the deliveries, contactless receipts of products, perform contactless elevator services and perform online checks and are equipped with a function that meets the needs of the present era with stability, easy to use and high precision.




“The uniquely outstanding feature of the BIG L brand disinfection robots are that they spray aerosols using nanotechnology that the droplet sizes are as small as < 10 microns, which are very small and when being exposed to the air outside and with their special properties, they will be dried out quickly within seconds with a spray system that can kill germs confidently and safely. In addition, the standard of use of such robots is high in the precision and efficiency with the high-end products controlled and inspected by Singapore.”



The “Robot” or AI, innovative technology is extremely important in the present era. It is necessary to apply it for contactless use, reducing risk of personnel and helping to lighten workloads as well as reducing the production costs on labor shortage which is very well in line with the current situation. Most importantly, the payback period will be within a short time; the needs can be responded and matched up with the era.



IAS Technology Co., Ltd., distributes and provides services on automated robots. With the work being carried out independently, the order made through the application with WIFI for all usage groups, customers can rest their assurances on our comprehensive after-sales-services. The Company has a Team of Engineers with expertise in various fields readily available to provide services in all fields, whether it is on the aspect of spare parts or parts of the units during use together with the installations of and training on the use in accordance with the international standards. Moreover, the Company has a Team ready to help customers in urgent cases. If you are interested in our products, you may drop by for a visit at the Company’s showroom.

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