Katatong Transport Co., Ltd., Turns COVID-19 Crisis into an Opportunity by Focusing on Safety and Adding 23 More Buses to Back Up the Expansion Plan.



Katatong Transport Co., Ltd., a leader in providing shuttle bus services for employees in the Eastern Corridor Industrial Estates, turns COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity. Even though the overall business has been affected, but, with its commitment to raising the standard of services that focus on the quality and hygiene inside the buses has built up confidence in its existing customers and assurances to its new customers in the services.


Mr. Pongphan Hongthong, Managing Director of Katatong Transport Co., Ltd., revealed that as a consequence of COVID-19 crisis since the beginning of 2020, the Company has been affected suchlike the other transport service providers as a result of the reductions of trips which reflect the operating incomes to decline by approximately 30%. Nevertheless, due to the consistently high level of service quality along with the proactively sanitary prevention measures that Katatong has implemented since the initial outbreak by the beginning of last year, have made Katatong continuously acquire new customers who want good quality of services that meet international standards and sanitary measures being the same as those of the industrial factories.


The lockdown measures announced by the government to be imposed in Bangkok and Provinces defined to be the red areas at the moment have not affected the customer services of Katatong because the manufacturing sector in the industrial estates has still been moving forward due to market demands both in country and for exports. In other words, the Company’s business can still be carried on uninterruptedly, thus, making the demands on the use of the employees’ shuttle services perpetually continued; just only the proactively preventive measures to cope with the spread of COVID-19 that must be carried out intensively.


Mr. Hongthong further said that in order to maintain the services of high quality standard, we had ordered 23 Volvo B8R buses to support our new 5-year Contract from Toyota Motor Thailand’s factory in the Chachoengsao Province Gateway Industrial Estate where the services of which will start in August by using 11 buses, at least, in the first phase, while the rest of our task will be the preparation of the buses to support our many new customers with whom we will sign the Contracts soon.

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