MBS one of the Leading Cimatron® Software Services for Mould Design and Die Design of Thailand

MBS one of the Leading Cimatron® Software Services for Mould Design and Die Design of Thailand

Sends Cimatron® and GibbsCAM® to upgrade mould design work and parts manufacturers hopefully to help entrepreneurs reduce production costs and meet current competition

Mygrowthtech Best Service Co., Ltd., was founded solely by Mr. Jessada Phorod who is a long time veteran of Cimatron® software for over 25 years that makes him well-versed in and understandable of the software. His experience in providing services and building up Service Teams has enabled the Company to have high potential in providing services and good understanding of the customers’ needs.

On this occasion,
“Manufacturing Review” Magazine had a chance to talk with Mr. Phorod, Sales & Support Manager, who mentioned about the Company that, Mygrowthtech Best Service Co., Ltd., or MBS which is the Company’s acronym that we want the customers to memorize our image, was founded in 2018, however, we have more than 25 years of experience in CAD/CAM software. For the software that we have for offering in the manufacturing sector, there are two products: namely; Cimatron® software and GibbsCAM® software.

The Cimatron
® software will be used in the mould manufacturing industry such as in Mold Design and Die Design. Therefore, when users use the Cimatron® software for mould design and die design, it will help increase the production efficiency and the product quality. In addition, Cimatron® software can support NC programming, starting from 2 and a half-axis, 3-axis, up to 5-axis. We have a Service Team with more than 25 years of experience and all of them are Thais on wait to provide services to customers expeditiously without having to wait for the After-Sales-Service Team from abroad. Hence, customers can lay their trusts in our Service Team and can be assured that MBS can solve problems quickly without necessarily having the machine stopped to work for a long time.

Respective to GibbsCAM® software, it is a program used for parts productions, particularly, in the part maker group desiring to produce a variety of appearances or it can be used to make programs to produce as many parts as 1,000 or 100,000 pieces. Manufacturers can use GibbsCAM software to create those parts and create 2-axis G-Code programs, both on 2-axis, 3-axis and 5-axis up to highly sophisticated machines with more than 5-axis (Multi-Tasking Machine).

“At present, CAD/CAM software is very important in the manufacturing industry because, if there should be no such program to help in the design process, it would result in high errors in the production process due to the reason that sometimes the manufacturer may not have CAD with the functions for checking errors or
simulating the movement mechanism such as stamping dies or injection molding work that has the movement mechanism from those motion designs which may not yet be accurate. The built-in Cimatron® software therefore provides a module to monitor and simulate the movement of various designed mechanisms as to whether they can work correctly or not, thereby making it possible to know in advance before the actual productions as to in whichever any part an error will occur and that the correction on the step of design process can be made, eventually helping to reduce the loss when it is deployed for use in the factory,” said Mr. Phorod.

Because MBS needs to offer reasonable software to customers, thus, promotions have continuously been arranged for customers. Customers do not have to worry about using illegal software because MBS has CAD/CAM software which is not very expensive and is ideally suitable for working on in your workplace, especially, GibbsCAM® software which is used in the design of parts productions, that will cost you a little bit over 1 hundred thousand Baht, thus, making it able to respond to the needs of the manufacturers with limited budgets. Moreover, our MBS Service Team with more than 25 years of experience is available to consistently provide services to the customers, whether it is the work on Mold Design, Die Design or programming for 5-axis CNC machine up to the Multi Tasking Machine.

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