Mech-Mind Launches Mech-Eye Nano, a New High-Precision Industrial 3D Camera for Mounting on Robotic Arms.



The Mech-Eye Nano is a small compact camera that comes with the ability to process high quality 3D image, thus, it can help the robot arms understand and interact better with the surrounding conditions.


Mech-Mind Robotics (“Mech-Mind”), a China’s fast growing industrial AI robotics startup company, announces the launch of its new industrial 3D camera, the Mech-Eye Nano, the small compact camera that comes with the ability to process high quality 3D image, thus, it is ideally suitable for applications requiring precision. It can also be installed on the pick-and-drop robot arms.


When the precision has become a key property in the industrial applications, the Mech-Eye Nano is therefore the most perfect choice. This palm-sized camera can use the rapidly generated light to create a complete, detailed, and accurate point cloud with native, distortion-free colors for a wide variety of objects including small, shiny, reflective and colored objects, by being able to detect the depth with accuracy of 0.5 millimeter at a distance of 0.3-0.4 meter.


In addition, thanks to its small compact size and lightweight structure, the Mech-Eye Nano is thus far ideally suitable for mounting on a pick-and-drop robotic arms. Moreover, for the applications in the space-saving working conditions, the Mech-Eye Nano can be used  for mounting on a robotic arm while maintaining the high performance required for the tasks: such as; assembling, screwing, high precision handling and inspections.


Furthermore, the Mech-Eye Nano’s distinctive properties also includes:


  • Fast detection and processing of 3D image: This eventually makes the Mech-Eye Nano versatile and achieve high resolution depth image when requiring to function with precision and speed.


  • Suitable of industry with IP65 standard: The Mech-Eye Nanon’s aluminum housed body helps protect the camera from dirt, dust, water or other cleaning agents where the standard of which is certified by CE, FCC, VCCI and RoHS.


  • Program is equipped with all functions: For ease use, with a multi-lingual SDK available for many popular platforms, the end-users can integrate the camera with Mech-Vision graphics software and Mech-Viz intelligent robot programming software to develop the custom applications.


  • Mech-Eye Nano worthiness: Its price is comparable to its competitors in the same marketplace. In addition, it can as well help customers increase their efficiencies and production capacities in the general industrial applications.


Mech-Mind develops a portfolio of industrial 3D cameras, including:


  • Mech-Eye Laser: The Mech-Eye Laser that comes with a fast generated light can resist ambient light even working under sunlight above 10,000 lux, which greatly helps in reducing the need for shading.


  • Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced: Mech-Eye Pro Enhanced creates high quality image for a wide variety of objects as well as expanding the scope of use for picking and dropping.


  • Mech-Eye Deep: Mech-Eye Deep can well recognize tightly packed wrinkled bags of various sizes with a wide viewing angle and exceptional depth accuracy.


Since 2016, the Mech-Eye industrial 3D cameras have been used in more than 1,000 forms of applications across various industries including manufacturing, steel, food, logistics, finance and healthcare.


Mech-Mind has established an infrastructure for research and development together with creating a wide range of products: such as; 3D cameras, algorithms and robotic image processing software as well as intelligent robot programming.


Tianlan Shao, Founder and CEO of Mech-Mind, said, “Mech-Mind specializes in enhancing the manufacturing process by utilizing the best practices of AI technology and human-robot interaction. This new Mech-Mind camera will add an option to the product portfolio that we have offered for the applications requiring precision in space-saving working conditions.”


“We have been inspired by the conceptual idea of ​​providing leading products and end-to-end services for partners and product leaders to integrate them into applications. We therefore will use our strengths on the aspect of research and development including engineering design to pave our way for a new frontier for the manufacturing industry.”


About Mech-Mind Robotics

Mech-Mind was founded in 2016 to bring technical genius to industrial robots. The company uses many advanced technologies: such as; in-depth learning, three-dimensional vision and movement planning. Mech-Mind intelligent industrial robot solutions have been used in automobile, electronics, steel, food factories, logistics warehouses, banks and hospitals in many countries: such as; China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States of America.



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