Mechanical Arm TM12 TM ROBOT That Meets all Forms of Productions

Mechanical Arm TM12 TM ROBOT That Meets all Forms of Productions

Premier Automation Center Co., Ltd., is a leading industrial equipment, tool and machine distributor in Thailand which, up to the present, has accounted for the business operations for 18 years. Initially, the company imported industrial products from Japan such as Servo Motor, PLC, Inverter etc., and thereafter, industrial products being the Ball Screws and Linear Guideway including the mechanical group or robots of different types were additionally imported from Taiwan.
Mr.Suepsan Khaewkaew Product & Marketing Manager, revealed that the company had imported robots for launching to markets for customers in the manufacturing industry in Thailand by importing TM12 TM ROBOT brand from Taiwan for offering to industrialists in every factory. For TM12 model robot feature, it is about the matter of the SMART SIMPLE SAFE and is a Collaborative Robot that can respond to the needs of manufacturing industry in the 4.0 era. TM12 version robot has a special feature that it can extend the working distance up to 1,300 mm and can load the weight of 12 kg, can provide precision including the ability to sort out different types of workpieces in picking them up because this robot version is equipped with a built-in vision system which is intelligent, easy to use with safety. Whenever an object hits the mechanical arm, it will stop working immediately, so, it is ideally suitable for use in the transportation work of raw materials, work station on car including the finished product conveying system, especially, in the industrial sector of semiconductor industry, panel industry, CNC industry and other industries.
Respective to TM ROBOT manufacturer, the research and development have continuously been carried on to be in line with the needs of nowadays manufacturing industry which, as a result, the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2018, a Taiwanese Machine Tool Researcher and Developer Award was given to the manufacturer over in the past year in

order to recognize and guarantee the standard quality of products sold to the industrial sector. On the part of Premier Automation Center, as a distributor, the company can very well respond to the after-sales services because we have a working team with expertise and experience to give recommendations and advices to interested customers at all the times.

Premier Automation Center was established in 2001 with the intention to present automation system to customers. Therefore, the after sales services would be focused on knowledge and ability to solve problems for the customers to allow them being able to use the product properly and in full efficiency. In this respect, the company staffs were sent for additional trainings on knowledge and ability both in country and overseas to bring back knowledge for use in providing services to our customers. In addition, various demonstration set have been made in an attempt to solve our customers’ problems and to build confidence in our customers as well. Moreover, the Solution Paper (S-Paper) has been made with the purpose to give explanations in relation to the customers’ case so that they could understand the reason in solving such problem.

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