Mitsubishi  Displays a Showcase on Smart Fiber Laser Innovation with Readiness to Send New SG Series and SVP Series EDMs to Markets

Mitsubishi  Displays a Showcase on Smart Fiber Laser Innovation with Readiness to Send New SG Series and SVP Series EDMs to Markets



Mitsubishi has transcended success in every technology through constant inventions and developments to the extent of creating a difference in the products that are superior to its competitors and being able to build a wide range of acceptances among the manufacturing industrialists in every industry. On this occasion, Mr.Nopadol Kangsachat, Assistant Manager of Industrial Automation Machinery Division, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., one of the company’s key linchpins, gives his account on the success of Mitsubishi together with revealing the company’s operating plan through the interviews hereunder:







How does Mitsubishi create the machinery technology and innovation for metal works?




This year marks the 100th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation that its various operations are carried out under the meaning of Changes for the Better which is already an indicator that we always think of and create better things, that the modern technology being consistent with the productions of metal workpieces which has changed to be in line with such particular era is very important to the current productions. We had taken this point into account throughout the past period of time, thus, necessitating us to proceed with the inventions of new innovations to feed the industrial world in the future, to enable entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to experience and gain access to the modern and fast production processes suchlike the current model of fiber laser machines and EDM. We have creatively elaborated and invented our work by using AI system to participate in the operations of machines even more to the extent of gaining recognition and receiving excellent feedbacks which is evinced by the increase in the sales in Thailand and Asia region. At present, the sales of ML3015GX-F Series Fiber Laser machines which we have achieved in Thailand is the highest sales in ASEAN while the total number of the purchase orders in America continent has continued to soar up as a result of our constant developments and firm commitments to entrepreneurs.




What types of machines which the company has currently had to support the manufacturing Sector




At present, Mitsubishi is a manufacturer and a distributor of motors, water pumps, meters and a contractor for jobs on drive class forging parts for a long period of 46 years as well as an importer of laser wire-cut machines and EDM. We also provide the after-sales services for nearly 30 years, which is well indicative to substantiate our highest working potential.








I would like for you to tell us what it should likely be the trend on the current fiber laser technology and what laser technology should likely be a new technology that Mitsubishi would have to respond to the needs of sheet metal industrialists?



On the fiber laser technology nowadays, there is a trend to produce machines with higher wattage which, on this matter, we have R & D Working Team and relentless development capability; we have laser technology, we have know-how in developing every part. At present, we, being considered as the first company in the world of the laser, have adopted the AI operating system for perfectly working in conjunction with the machineries. In today’s world, technology has inevitably been involved in the industrial sector. Coupled with the need to reduce the production costs which have a profound effect on the industrial sector as well as to reduce the labor problems, the GXF Series Fiber Laser Machine is therefore a new option for today’s industry that will respond to the needs and sustainably solve such problem. Combined technologies during the operations with a precision and a reduction in the loss from the production is extremely important for the industrial sector. To reduce the costs, increase total productions and much more profits, Mitsubishi has invented and produced the fiber laser technology for distributions where more sales of which are made. The combination of technologies and the addition of fully efficient know-how to the GXF Series fiber laser machines are just only some of our continued efforts exerted to developing for real metal parts manufacturers.







Now that, on the new EDM technology of SVP series, what is the novelty of this machine model? Why have manufacturing industrialists chosen this model? 







At present, the development of the electronic part manufacturing industrial sector has extremely necessitated to develop the capabilities of the electronic part manufacturers. Mitsubishi has foreseen an advantage and a competitive edge in this industry. So, we decide to design and manufacture up to 2 latest new EDM models which are the SG Series and the SVP Series consisting of a combination of AI technology which is a working process in the analysis in which the computer is used as a very much important part in the manufactures, manufacturing precision as well as very high quality surface finishes. From these latest machine models, it can well demonstrate the potential of the machines and well indicate the potential of manufacturers in choosing to adopt high quality machines for use in their own industrial sector.







What are Mitsubishi’s after-sales service works in terms of the solutions that can help respond to the needs of

the manufacturing industrialists in the era of the  COVID-19 pandemic?  




In response to this question, Mr. Kangsachart said, “Under the current situation, I have established a new working guideline to be compatible with the situation in which the safety of the employees and entrepreneurs needs to be taken into account. Where on the matter of the maintenance services and spare parts, we have proceeded with the actions to give explanations to the entrepreneurs to get to understand the various scenarios in the Line Official. Under this contagious situation, we have set prudent guidelines for practical executions: such as; basic problem solving via Line Official system by which we have opened for use for 2 years with good feedbacks from the actual users. If the problem of a machine cannot basically be fixed, our service team will make a preparation for spare parts necessary for the repairs of the machine in advance and will coordinate with the relevant entrepreneur to be prepared and to organize the order of working in the proper way before our service team will go in to provide services which is yet another way to protect other people and to ensure the safety of everyone.”









How would Mitsubishi’s showroom handle in terms of a readiness if customers should like to make a visit under the problem of COVID-19 pandemic? 




At present, Mitsubishi’s Technology Center is located at Bangchan Industrial Estate abundantly flooded with the most advanced machineries in the ASEAN territory. We have installed the latest model of EDM wire-cut machine and GXF Series Fiber Laser Machine in number of 2 to support the after-sales services and to respond to the needs of entrepreneurs desiring to come for training on the use of the machines which is free of charge as well as the training for our own staff to be proficient on the use of the machines correctly and to prepare the readiness for the entrepreneurs. Should they have doubt in any respect whatever, our working team would be able to find answers and demonstrate to the entrepreneurs in a timely manner.






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