Mitsubishi Electric Deciares Its Announcement….“We Will Cross Over Crisis Together”




Mitsubishi Electric Deciares Its Announcement….“We Will Cross Over Crisis Together”

Through promotions to help entrepreneurs with special price discount of Fiber Laser machine,Wire-cut EDM machine and die sinker EDM machine. Promoting innovation of AI and revolutionizing system of new Fiber Laser machine.

Cost reductions in the manufacturing sector are cost reductions in all processes whether in the raw materials or machineries, labor and the overheads in the manufactures. The business establishments must have the cost at thelevel that can be competitive while the products or services still meet the quality requirements. Therefore, in choosing to produce any products or services, only the quality and costs which are suitable must be taken into account in order to enable the business establishments to survive under highly competitive condition like nowadays.
The use of technology to increase the production process efficiency is one way to help reduce the costs of the entrepreneurs’production process. There are variety kinds of manufacturing technology with many types of the different production processes. Thus, the success of the production process using machinery in the production is caused by diverse technologies. Users must know how to set up the machines in the production process in which the equipments that can deeply cut raw materials with the required size must be chosen for installing.


“Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,” has announced its beinga topnotch in Mitsubishi Group whose reputation is renowned and acceptable in world-class level, especially, in focusing on customers’ cares and expanding the products continuously in Thailand. Mitsubishi Electric has continuously developed its potential in terms of technology, management and creative power to the extent of being recognized as a market leader in many products. Not only that, Mitsubishi Electric is also firmly determined to conserve the world in order to enable the growth of technology to go alongside together with good quality of life and good environment. All of these are the steps of leadership that we, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., have been committed to keeping forever.

One of the key persons being the cog in driving the marketing and the after-sales-service of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is Mr. Nopadol Kangsachat, Assistant Division Manager of Industrial Automation Machinery Division, who courteously makes himself available to answer questions about the operations of Mitsubishi Electric in 2020 and the struggle to cope with Covid-19 virus pandemic crisis which has currently affected the business operations throughout the world.


Mitsubishi Electric places the importance on the productions of quality machines that can very well reduce the production costs for customers whether fiber laser or evenwirecut machines and EDM that can satisfactorily respond to the needs of the manufacturing industrialists by offering new technology directly delivered to Thai manufacturers.

How does Mitsubishi Electric pay attention on the creation of technology for manufacturing industrialists nowadays?

From our working experience and continuous technology research to support and back up the fast growing manufacturing sector coupled with the needs of consumers in the changing industrial sector, we have for eseen such demands. As such, a new technology is therefore invented to precisely respond to the needs of the industrial sector right on the target and can be adopted for use to meet the needs of the industrial sector more efficiently and quickly.



What is Mitsubishi Electric’s outstanding technology that builds trust and confidence in customers?


Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s first company adopting AI system for use with the machines on the aspect of the laser which is the most advanced technology of the modern days. In addition, the system function can be adjusted to efficiently work in line with the industrial sector with the emphasis placed on fast working, reducing production costs, waste quantities from the production which is the goal of the industrial sector that the cost reduction is always preferentially fo cused on, but, the quality and quantity have still been consistently maintained though.

What is Mitsubishi Electric’scurrent marketing planning on fiber laser machine and EDM sales in 2020?

From the situation of the COVID-19 virus pandemic all over the world at the moment, we want to be a part in providing supports and assistances to entrepreneurs for more efficient working process. In 2020, we have focused on the service work, especially, the assistance in providing support mainly to reduce the costs of the entrepreneurs first under this crisis situation. We have launched promotions to help entrepreneurs by reducing the costs of machineries: such as; wirecut machines, EDM and laser machines as well as the consumable parts discount increase by 25%, whether the consumable parts of the wirecut machines, EDM or even the laser machines in return for the entrepreneurs and as initial assistances for a period of up to 6 months oruntil the situation has returned to normal. Respective to this year policy, we have the main goal to help alleviate the sufferings for all entrepreneurs.




How does Mitsubishi Electric service team separate their work on the after sales services of fiber laser machines and EDM and what services in each part are provided to customers?

I have laid down a policy of the after-sales-service at full range of efficiency in all forms by creating a new operating system to enable customers to gain access into the services and solve problems quickly in Real Time by using Line Official which has currently received excellent feedback from customers. In addition, I have created a working team to take care of the customers into whom the customers can easily and quickly access in a timely manner. Currently, we have nearly 1,000 participants. Moreover, we have created Administrative Team knowledgeable and capable to primarily answer questions and solve problems available to provide services by way of this channel.


What are the fields of the skills that Mitsubishi Electric has increased to the after-sales-service team to make the customers satisfied and confident in Mitsubishi Electric’s service team?


We have currently placed on exhibition in our showroom the new machines fully equipped with technology and highest efficiency in order to educate entrepreneurs and interested persons to visit and watch demonstrations of our new machine models. Our Engineering Team has continuously learned how to use it by themselves to the extent of acquiring the technical know-how that can be transferred to the entrepreneurs having our machines to make use of them for further maximum benefit. Furthermore, we have organized training within our own Engineering Team, as well, in order to augment all Engineers with knowledge and capability so that they can use such knowledge in the practical performance in their actual work in further providing services to the entrepreneurs.


How do you look at the matter of the current production development? What should the current entrepreneurs look at in terms of the present productions?

With the currently changing production process, it could possibly force many entrepreneurs to think back and forth on the matter of the cost reduction in the production process because the cost reduction is extremely necessary in the industrial sector. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to look for modern technology that can efficiently respond to their needs. In this connection, we have already developed machines to support and respond to the working needs of the entrepreneurs: such as; GXF Series Fiber Laser that comes along with AI Assistance which is an automated system that can detect the machine malfunction and substantially help reduce the production costs while at the same time, the productions can continuously be controlled. If any entrepreneurs are interested and should wish to watch a demonstration of our machines, we are pleased and happy to welcome all of you to see our machines at Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,Technology Center Showroom (Bang Chan Industrial Estate)at all times.


Mitsubishi EDM & Laser Open House

Recently, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., opened it showroom at EDM & Laser Technology Center at Bangchan Industrial Estate to display EDM & Fiber Laser Machine Technology. The event drew the attentions from a great number of manufacturing industrialists who participated in the showcase and listening to lectures on the efficiencies of Mitsubishi machines.

Mr. Nopadol Kangsachat, Assistant Division Managerof Industrial Automation Machinery Division, said that, this Mitsubishi EDM & Laser Open House, is aimed to allow the participants an opportunity to learn about Mitsubishi’s currently existing machine technology development, especially, the latest AI system that has been connected to be a part within the machine which is considered yet another step in the development of a new laser machine. This novelty is also concealed with powerful efficiency. In regard to all productions and developments by Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Corporation, the parent company in Japan had sent its representatives to provide knowledge during the event. Mr. Miyamoto, Application Manager, gave us knowledge as well as the ideas, concepts and new knowledge for transferring to our customers. At this event, the customers saw Mitsubishi technology which is advancing another step higher. During the event, Mitsubishi Electric places on the exhibitions 2 fiber lesser machine models: namely; the GX-F40 fiber laser machine (4,000 watts) and GX-F80 (8,000 watts) in the showroom at the same time and that both machines will be taken for exhibitions at the same Intermach 2020 while at Metalex 2020, the GX-F40 (4,000 watts), which is the selling point of this model will be placed on display. This model is expected to likely be able to market well in Thailand. Fiber laser machines of the size 4,000 – 6,000 watts can cut steel with thickness up to 25 mm., thus, allowing the customers to be able to invest in the machine not being at high price but of quality at the Japanese price. Mitsubishi is proud to be a part in driving the Thai sheet metal industry to grow. We extremely hope that GX-F fiber laser machine will help the entrepreneurs wanting highly efficient machine with not too high in the standard price to meet their needs. Things acquired will be more than the price, especially, the machine which is efficient and our after-sales service team which stands readily to take care of you at all times which is compatible with Mitsubishi’s resolution, “Changes for the Better”.

“I traveled from Songkhla to see what technology Mitsubishi has currently had so that I may think of taking it back for use in my company factory which is engaged in manufacturing automotive parts including other parts for exports to foreign countries. We use Mitsubishi machines because we are confident in the after-sales-service of Mitsubishi.  Over in the past, when we had encountered any machine problems, Mitsubishi Service Team was able to provide service on troubleshooting expeditiously”.

Mr. Ekkarat Benjarhirun, General Manager, Allfocus Co., Ltd., Songkhla.

“My factory is in Nakhon Pathom; I am a contractor for cutting metals, folding general steels for use in the general structural and construction works. Because Nakhon Pathom and Ratchaburi Provinces are the zones of many industrial factories. My aim in participating in the Mitsubishi Open House this time is inspired by my interest in the laser cutting machine for its fast cutting property with precision and beautiful cutting surface, less time consumed and its performance that it can cut into pieces as well, thus, making me being interested in taking the machine for use in my business expansion in the future. Last year, I bought 1 Mitsubishi laser machine. Mr. Kangsachat’s Working Team regularly makes visit to give me supervisions on the use of my machines. So, I am confident in Mitsubishi’s laser machines”.

            Mr. Chalor Juengsophonwittawat, Executive Officer, Chanawong Lohakan

                                                       Company Limited., Nakhon Pathom


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