Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Latest Technology of SG12 EDM Machine, the First in ASEAN…Together with GXF-40, GXF-80 Fiber Laser Machine at Metalex 2020



Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Latest Technology of SG12 EDM Machine, the First in ASEAN…Together with GXF-40, GXF-80 Fiber Laser Machine at Metalex 2020

            One of the companies having been recognized for having the machine manufacturing technology widely acceptable by manufacturing industry is “Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,”, a manufacturer of Wire Cut EDM and Fiber Laser Machines. At Metalex 2020, Mitsubishi Electric will place on a show the machines that have been developed in compatibility with the current production sector which deploys more intelligent machines. Mr. Nopadol Kangsachat, Assistant Manager Industrial Automation Machinery Division, also revealed the technology that would be placed on exhibitions this time.


What is Your Overview on the Company’s Organization, Products and Services?

Our Company was founded under OEIC name in 1975; began to manufacture electric motors and aluminum injection molding, and in 1986 manufactured capacitors until 1995 when OEIC-VN was established in Vietnam. In 1990, we began to sell Wire Cut EDM machines in order to respond to the needs of entrepreneurs in molding industry. In 2003, electronics meters were manufactured and laser machines were begun to be distributed. In 2005, the Company’s name was changed from OEIC to MEATH (Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) until present. On the part of the distributions of Wire Cut and EDM machines, more than 1,200 units of them have been sold in Thailand. At the same time, we have increased the efficiencies to support our after-sale-services by making addition to the number of our Engineers to provide services to customers in full efficiencies and also focused on educating the Company’s customers by organizing training, academic seminars and workshops for our customers every month for a long period of time.

Regarding the distributions of and services on the Laser and Fiber Laser machines, we can say that the Company received very good feedback and trust from the industrial sector entrepreneurs every year with the purchase orders consistently given to the Company to the extent of making us proud of our successful achievements throughout the whole time. And in order to drive and thank the Company’s customers, we have developed machines to suit the current industrial conditions. In this respect, we have brought the latest model machine such as the SG12 EDM which is to be placed on exhibitions in the Metalex 2020 Tradeshow at BITEC Bangna for the first time in Southeast Asia to be put on display in the Company’s showroom along with the GXF-40, GXF-80 Model Fiber Laser. Both machine models were introduced to the Thai markets last August and, by far, we have received the purchase orders for 4 machines altogether. We foresee that the after-sale-services being the distinctively outstanding point and up to the standard of Japan class of the Thai and Japanese Engineer Working Team based in Thailand contribute a vital part to lead customers to reach their goals quickly. For faster and more efficient services, we have created a Hot Line service system by setting up a Line Official Account for both Wire Cut, EDM and LASER Service Organizations in order to enable the customers to make inquiries and resolve problems by themselves promptly without any cost whatever. Currently, we have as many as 1,000 customers joining and have received praises and admirations throughout all times from customers who have used our services. (May this credit be bestowed upon Mr.Somchin Leelaket, President of the Company, that he has given me his tips of guidelines to proceed with the actions on the development of the quality of the after-sale-services to be better and faster to the extent of receiving good feedbacks from the customers consistently.)

Perspectives on Thai Industrial Sector under Current Situation.

Under the current situation, it can be said that not only will the industrial sector require to adapt themselves to conform with the conditions arising from the COVID-19 situation, but, it is also extremely necessary for all sectors to make adaptations to be compatible with the declining demands in order to keep the business alive on and efficiently survived until such undesirable situation has passed over. Whereon the viewpoint on the Thai industry, it is imperative to adjust themselves and the working methods to reduce the costs of productions as necessary for greater profitability and stabilize the business to survive past over such crisis. This period of time is the suitable period of time for small sized industrial sector to compulsorily require to make their preparations as much as possible. They might have more time to prepare internal personnel to be proficient, learn new things to support the revival situation in the near future such as making changes to learn about new things, about tools and equipments in the factory in order to educate their employees to have more knowledge and ability to work, improve conditions inside the factory to be more appropriate and flexible to be ready for future working, maintain liquidity to be in line with the current situation as much as possible to strive in passing over the crisis. As for the sizable industrial sector, it is possible that their business operations could significantly be affected as everything depends on the gross sales which are obviously dropped. However, the large companies with sturdy foundations can still survive to continue their business operations provided, however, that they must exercise due care not to be erroneous on the productions nor cause too much wastes to the extent of being faced with a soaring cost. They must constantly maintain the production standard to minimize wastes for stable or increasing profits under the current situation. If both enterprises, whether small or large, can strive to make changes in the methods, the more you can do the better you can definitely strive to pass over this critical point which everybody has been being faced with.

Corporate Strategic Plan to Overcome the Challenges from COVID-19 Impact

Mr. Kayashima Shunji, Director, gives his policy in addition to the working guidelines given by the President that can increase the efficiency and gross sales under the COVID-19 virus situation. He also gives his policy in helping the customers to cope with the current situation by giving his instructions to reduce the prices of spare parts and machineries to help entrepreneurs in the industrial sector to enable them to reduce the production costs and stimulate the gross sales under this crisis situation which, in this respect, we have reduced the prices of all parts by 25% to help the entrepreneurs. The Company foresees that as long as the entrepreneurs have wanted to reduce the production costs and control various expenditures, the first priority thing that we can respond promptly is to reduce the prices of all parts for a period of 6 months to 1 year or until the situation has become normal. The strategy that will enable us to overcome the challenges from such impact is our focus to place the emphasis mostly on the after-sale-services nowadays to make our customers trustful in us that regardless of an occurrence of any event, the Company will not remain silent. We will always be by your side to reward you, all customers who are trustful in us.


Comments on Metalex Tradeshow and New Technologies to be Offered to Support Thai Industrialists for a Big Ever Revamping

For the Metalex event which will take place from 18-21 November 2020, it is a great opportunity for us to meet with the entrepreneurs for talks and discussions after we have been forced to be distant from one another for a reasonable period of time. It will also be thing to evidently confirm that Thailand is a country being always ready to do things no matter whatever event has occurred. We are ready to show our potentials to foreigners that we are ready and have good management as well as good preventive measures from the organizer. At the same time this year, we tend to introduce our latest technology of the SG12 EDM machine at the Tradeshow which is considered a new innovation revolution yet never has been exhibited anywhere in Southeast Asia. We have Engineers on wait to educate visitors on such dates and time throughout the event of the exhibitions. On the part of the laser technology, we have brought the Fiber Laser GXF-80 machine equipped with the latest technology for the presentations and tests for those who are interested to admire its optimal potential at this Tradeshow, as well. In response to the questions what the AI and what the modern thing of the latest machine are, my Team and I are in the maximum level of readiness to provide you with comprehensively detailed information and, at the same time, you can watch our various demonstrations by highly experienced Thai Engineers during this event to mark a genuinely big revamping ever of the Thai manufacturing industry to be in line with the nowadays most modern machines.

What Would be the Novelty that Mitsubishi has Prepared for Presentations to the Exhibition Visitors.

Working processes, the currently global changing manufacturing processes, AI-powered machines, have played a significant role in the manufacturing industry. Computer controls, the machine self-working adjustment to reduce the production costs, reduce the wastes arising from the productions, are absolutely essential in the current manufacturing sector. Our technology which we brought for exhibitions at the Fair can definitely and properly respond to the needs of the industrial sector; just drop by to visit our Mitsubishi Electric Automation Thailand booth, you will be infatuated with the beauty of the decoration inside the booth and experience the cutting-edge technology along with the amazement of the exotic work of the machines. What you cannot indispensably afford to miss in the exhibition, of course, is our Working Team that stands readily to pass knowledge and carry out the demonstrations on the actual functions in full efficiency of the machines having placed on exhibition at Metalex 2020. See you then.


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