Mitsubishi Fiber Laser GX-F Series, Mitsubishi EDM SV-P Series




Mitsubishi Fiber Laser GX-F Series



The newest Mitsubishi Fiber Laser machine GX-F Series is the world first Fiber Laser machine that apply AI system (AI Assistant) with the working of high frequency sound wave help detecting any defect from operation. Technology of AGR eCO that use air in cutting to reduce gas consumption for cost saving as well as the newly developed power supply or Fiber Oscillator which enhance efficiency and power of operation.



In addition, the thing we are proud to present, the newly developed processing head or what we call “Zoom Head” which has ability to adjust the beam according to the material while the user don’t need to change the lens manually, this can save a lot of time.







Mitsubishi EDM SV-P Series



The machine has continued the line from Die-Sinker EDM SV-P Series which is newly developed in design and technology. The newest model of Die-Sinker EDM SV-P Series, there are SV8-P and SV12-P that is already introduced in METALEX March 2022



The machine was design to be more modern with bigger structure to support big workpiece. For electrode, it is able to support copper and graphite in the same machine and create workpiece with neat surface roughness up to new. It has the newly developed power supply or GV power supply and IDPM3 system that improve Jump speed for faster working.



Moreover, it has an AI system or Maisart which is an artificial intelligence system that enhance operating system no matter optimize operation according to workpiece, control the flow electricity to ensure smooth operation and quality workpiece.



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