Mitsubishi Fiber Laser GX-F Series

Mitsubishi Fiber Laser GX-F Series

Mitsubishi’s Nonstop Evolution and Progress

Modernized Development and Production denotes Mitsubishi’s goal which is to develop the products for customers to use safely and reliably with the readiness to present products that respond to customers’ needs with modernly advanced technology to the world of productions in the future. From the past until the present, Mitsubishi has continuously developed its potentials in every area, both on the aspect of technology and the management of creative concepts in new innovations to the extent of making it being recognized as a market leader in many products. R & D Center in Japan, in particular, plays a variety of roles as a high-tech technology hub for all Mitsubishi’s businesses. Here, researches and technology developments for new products have continuously been conducted in order to promote Mitsubishi’s products and achieve the potentials to compete and create technology for the future.

The mission of Mitsubishi Electric Group is a commitment to Technology Developments, Servicing and Creative Power in order to lead to a society with potential and good quality of life.

Declaration from Mitsubishi Electric Group, “Changes for the Better”, is indeed a statement that reflects the Group’s goals and standing positions which are firmly determined to continuously create newly good things. All employees have given their promises to customers to develop themselves and “make things better every day” by adhering to the organizational mission aforementioned which are “Technology Developments, Servicing and Creative Power” for a better tomorrow.

Mitsubishi stands readily to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of customers, maximize customers’ satisfactions in all aspects of the productions all along in line with the product developments. A team of skillful Engineers who received in-depth training on the specific field is ready to provide the best solutions to customers, thus, allowing customers to be confident that the production process will be more efficient than before.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is one of the companies in Mitsubishi Electric Group, a distribution center and service for metal cutting machines with a variety of innovations, especially, the laser machines for cutting workpieces with high speed and precision. These metal cutting machines provide superior cutting performance to create the future for perfectly complete workpiece cutting with Mitsubishi’s lasers.


Released the New Laser Machine “GX-F”.

“At this METALEX 2019, we will exhibit a new fiber laser processing machine “GX-F” series.The “GX-F” series achieves both high reliability and high productivity with our new fiber laser oscillator built-in.We pursuit a “non-stop processing system” , with the world’s first e-laser processing system built-in and functionality that automatically adjusts the laser processing conditions with AI.” Mr.Shunji Kayashima, General Manager, Industrial Automation Machinery Division, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Said.


A New World Sheet Metal Cutting Dimension with Mitsubishi’s Latest Fiber Laser Model

At present, the technical know-how in sheet metal cutting work process on the aspect of complicated steel forming technology is considered yet to be possible in accordance with the development of the modern era world. Currently, steel cutting for forming is essentially necessary for various industries whether it is an industrial work: such as, the productions of automotive, electronics, mechanical parts, equipments in the lines of food and medical device industries, structural and telecommunications work and others, etc. As of today, one of the leaders providing services on fiber laser machines for sheet metal work that people cannot afford to forget to know of is “Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.,” a leading fiber laser machine distributor in Thailand which places the importance on every product piece and focally aims to develop its personnel potentials by sending Engineers for further training in Japan on maintenance and learning about modern technology at all times. Up until now, Mitsubishi’s Engineers have gained expertise in the products and are skillful in maintenance in many areas. Mitsubishi is confident in its existing potentials and stands readily to provide the best service ever to make customers satisfied with the products and services.

Mitsubishi Electric’s FA Business

One of the significant things for the industrial sector is the production technology that is proper, precise and able to stably control the operations from the beginning to the end in order to obtain the desired quality work.

Mr. Nopadol Kangsachat, Assistant Division Manager, Industrial Automation Machinery Division, one of the Executives of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the important backlash in the distributions of more than 200 fiber laser machines in Thailand, described Mitsubishi’s vision and technological progress in responding to the needs of current and future production processes as follows:

Mitsubishi extremely places the importance on technology and the manufacturing industry. Now that, the questions is how Mitsubishi’s technology can help the manufacturing industry?


Mitsubishi has always realized that good quality products are something that consumers are in great demand. With the current technologies having continuously been developed, Mitsubishi therefore constantly invents new technology to respond to the needs of consumers to be able to use modern technology which is ideally suitable for manufacturing industry. The concurrence of manufacturing problem will definitely cause a loss or an error from the manufactures which will consequently result in the higher production costs and reductions in the profits due to the occurring error, a big problem that the manufacturing industry has regularly encountered with throughout the period of times.

In the today world that technology is more modernized, reduction in working error is somewhat extremely essential in the manufacturing industry. We very much foresee the importance of this matter to the extent of making us proceeding with actions on the developments and productions of the new GX-F Series fiber laser machines which is the self invented and produced fiber technology by Mitsubishi.


The newly invented fiber laser machine will help reduce working errors, strengthen working process to be highly efficient and that it is the first time of its kind in the world which the lasers and AI technology have been brought to work together. The AI ​​system is a system to check the functions of the machine by using sound frequency as a detector for errors and processing to work cutting controller in order to check steps of the work process before an occurrence of any damage. In addition, the system will check the cutting equipment condition and evaluate its condition whether it is ready to be put to use or what percentage of its working life has remained left over and the according result will be notified. The machine will adjust the cutting equipment and if any problems should have still been remaining, the machine will adjust the cutting table automatically to prevent any loss or errors from occurring. Mitsubishi has developed cutting operations to reduce the energy wastes and the production costs by using AGR technology that can reduce the production costs to the minimum of 90%.

Respective to AI and ARG technology, it plays very important part in the current manufacturing industry. Mitsubishi’s continuous developments have not stopped just even at this point. We have also developed personnel and get them to learn more by sending relevant staff to learn about fiber laser machines and advanced cutting techniques with experts in Japan in order to enable to accumulate experiences and eventually be able to transfer such knowledge to entrepreneurs more efficiently.

The latest GX-F 8000 w fiber laser machine will be imported and installed at Mitsubishi showroom, Bang Chan Industrial Estate, to enable interested customers to visit and test the machine at all times.  In the future, Mitsubishi will still carry on its work in developing technology to be in line with the development of the manufacturing industry for the maximum benefit of the entrepreneurs.

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