Mitsubishi Motors Thailand Celebrated Its 60-Year Anniversary



Mitsubishi Motors Thailand organized a Meet-the-Press activity on the occasion of its 60th business operation anniversary in Thailand, in which the speeches thanking customers in Thailand for their supports over six decades were delivered and a ‘Special Edition’ and Special Color under the theme, ‘Passion Red Edition’ of automobiles were introduced. In addition, during the event, a part of the proceeds derived from the activity was returned as a gratitude to the community; a commitment to continuously developing the Thai automotive industry and giving the highest satisfactions to drivers in Thailand reaffirmed all along with the proposal of investment plans and the creations of relentless growth in the future.


As for the development of automotive products that help solve environmental problems, Mitsubishi Motors Thailand had manufactured and launched Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs, the latest and only Outlander PHEV model in Thailand in 2020. They were the first lot of the Japanese Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles manufactured in Thailand in 2020, and were subsequently sold in more than 60 countries around the world with the cumulative sales worldwide up to 270,000 units at the end of December 2020. They were also the best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV in the European markets in 2020. And in order to go forward into a society of non-carbon dioxide emissions and the efficient use of energy, it is found, as a result of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s study on carbon dioxide emissions according to the product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), that up until now, PHEVs are one of the best choices for environmental protection when taking the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into consideration, not only from the ends of the car exhaust pipes but also the whole production processes: for example; from power generations or car production processes.

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