Motto Group’s MottoRaka website on course in transforming Thai auto industry


MottoRaka (Thailand) Co., Ltd. today announced the unexpected success of its website, which was introduced into Thailand’s automotive industry only 4 months ago. Being the first-ever Thai-language AI-driven data website, the company is spearheading the transformation of the country’s auto sector into the digital era and setting a new benchmark.


“We are delighted to see the warm response that our Mottoraka website has garnered after such a short period of time given the website was launched in mid-July of this year. We are now ranked the No. 2 vehicle trading website with cars sold exceeding all original monthly forecasts. With listings growing exponentially per month, we currently have a total of over 25,000 listings in the car marketplace section. Growth is strong compared to other similar websites, with the industry giving us remarkably positive feedback”, said Mr. Simon Moran, Founder & CEO of Motto Group.


“With an advertising inventory exceeding 4 million impressions per month, we believe that this figure will reach 5 million by the end of December 2020, and we aim to reach the 10 million milestone mark in 2021. Thus, we are confident that by next year, Mottoraka will be the leading online used car transaction platform in the market, vastly outpacing all other nearest small-scale start-up enterprises who seek to be in this space, especially as we are currently recording that 91% of our traffic is from quality mobile users. As a long-time industry player, we are empowered with data. We know what needs to happen ethically and commercially, and we look forward to growing into the future with our partners in our efforts to transform the auto industry”, added Mr. Moran.


Aiming for approximately 500,000 unique users by the end of this year, the state-of-the-art AI-driven Mottoraka website brings the highest level of transparency, reliability, and convenience. It acts as a car marketplace platform, not only providing classified advertisement space for those who wish to buy or sell cars with real-time information covering over 32,000 vehicle model configurations for both new and second-hand cars but also offers in-depth car reviews, the latest automotive news, and related local and international lifestyle trends.


For second-hand car buyers and sellers, the website provides vehicle data evaluation, mileage, condition, and retail price analysis, resulting in a transparent and fair depreciation value. As such, the MottoRaka website benefits consumers directly with whom trust is vital. The MottoRaka website also benefits other related businesses such as automotive manufacturers, car dealers, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies as they can utilize the available data to check the value of any type of vehicle before commencing any transaction.


MottoRaka is a subsidiary of Motto Auction (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a leading vehicle auctioneer and marketing operation in Thailand for 18 years with vast auction facilities online and on-site in Bangkok and an extensive up-country network. It is already regarded as the industry leader and go-to provider for the industry with the most advanced auction technologies in Thailand, generating over THB 8 billion annually from selling second-hand vehicles and related businesses including, a range of adjacent services.


In 2019, the second-hand vehicle market was valued at approximately Baht 140 billion with an expectation to grow by 5 – 7% this year. However, due to the pandemic, the Thai market this year is estimated to decrease by about 15 – 25%, but this is still more optimistic compared with the new car segment which is already seeing a decline of approximately 36%.

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