OnRobot Launched Its Newest VGC10 at iREX 2019 in Tokyo

OnRobot Launched Its Newest VGC10 at iREX 2019 in Tokyo

OnRobot Launched Its Newest VGC10 at iREX 2019 in Tokyo
Emphasizing Product Performance With “One-Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications”

             OnRobot, the leader of Danish robot manipulator innovation, launched its newest VGC10 together with exhibiting products of a variety of applications at iREX 2019 or International Robot Exhibition 2019, the world’s leading intelligent robot technology exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan.

The event was honored by Mr. Enrico Krog lversen, CEO and Mr. James Taylor, General Manager, APAC, as well as Mr.Takashi Suzuki, OnRobot’s Country Manager,  Japan, who revealed the world’s robot trend and the OnRobot’s operational approach in offering products to manufacturing industry sector worldwide.

              Mr.  Krog lversen said, “OnRobot whose vision being the World’s Collaborative Robot Application Leader, has its head office in Denmark which consists of sales office, service work and R & D center. At present, we have sales offices scattering around the world with a total number of 180 employees. By 2020, we will have 40 kinds of products. On the aspect of technology, we will focus on 3 areas: namely;  Gripper, Sensors and Vision because we are hopeful to make robots able to work in conjunction with the applications in various parts effectively.
Over in the past up to nowadays, the use of robots in the industrial sector has apparently increased (according to report from the International Federation of Robotics). We can see that from 2013 to 2018, the rate on the use of robot has continuously increased. It is expected that from 2019 to 2022, there will likely be a potential growth rate as well in Asia which is considered one of the world’s largest robot markets. According to the IFR Annual Report, in 2018, the robot gross sales in some countries:  such as; China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Singapore and Thailand were in increased, particularly, in Japan which accounted for the increase in the gross sales by more than 21%, representing 55,000 units which is the highest value of the country. Since 2013, the average annual growth rate has been documented at 17%, so, it is worthwhile to keep an eye on markets with highly automated industrial productions.

OnRobot has 3 groups of products: namely; Gripping, Sensing and Tool Changing, and most recently, VGC10 – Compact Electric Vacuum Gripper, the newest product, was launched at iREX 2019, as well. OnRobot’s newest model product, it has integrated platform being able to easily work in conjunction with mechanical arm robots of many brands: such as; Doosan, FANUC, Hanwha, Kawasaki, KUKA, Nachi, Techman, Universal Robot and Yaskawa etc.

OnRobot has created a robotic function system application that works together which is known as “One-Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications.” As nowadays, the product group has covered a wide range of functions, the “One-Stop Shop Collaborative Applications” will indeed help manufacturers or customers to have easier work in one place whether it is the work on assembling parts, packing or picking in CNC machines, etc. We believe that our new application product line will be able to perfectly respond to the needs of our customers in 2020. We currently have over 400 partners worldwide to operate OnRobot’s product distribution channels. What we shall support and provide assistances to our customers worldwide are trainings, technical aspects, marketing and sales, and consultations.  Thereafter, our partners will continue to offer our solutions and service work to end-users. According to the 2018 robot usage data in markets of 15 Asian countries, it is found that a total number of 6 countries: namely; China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand accounted for growth rates of up to 88%. In addition, the markets in these 6 countries are still growing up to 70% in worldwide markets.”
              Mr. Taylor gave his additional account, “I think, on the trends of the world and Asia in the robot markets in the past, many businesses had used robots to help in their works in conjunction with many applications or tasks which will eventually result in the growth of the robotic business in terms of the percentage of population popularity and sustainability and will also be one of the world business. For Asia, I am not quite sure as to what extent its popularity will be. Any rate, what being currently known is that robots are very important to make the jobs easier, especially, when robots and various applications are deployed to work together, they will help reduce hindrances on the decreasing labor forces.
Respective to marketing plan in Southeast Asia, our office in Singapore will principally be responsible for overseeing the marketing activities in this region. In addition, we have partners in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia to fulfill our marketing plan. Our plan is to conduct continuous trainings and developments with constant changes in business dynamics in the Southeast Asian markets to be in line with the current market situation. At present, there are many companies ready to look for new opportunities to whom we are ready to provide supports on trainings including organizing various good activities for them. Even the marketing plan in Southeast Asia is considered to be very different from other markets, yet, it can possibly be said that the opportunity is potentially very good for this new trend. We can always find new opportunities, especially, on the use of those new applications, particularly, in the current work improvements and even being better in future working. We must definitely be sure to provide services to end users. If the end users should encounter any problems and need supports, we would be ready to provide our supports continuously. Our main objective is to fulfill our customers’ requirements in the sense of making more money.

In regard to Thai market and in Southeast Asia, it is apparent that there are many SMEs entrepreneurs with potentially great opportunity to open market in the Thai market. We already had business alliances in Thailand and have a potential opportunity to participate in the Industrial Trade Show in Thailand in June 2020. We consider the Thai market to be a very good market and we think that we will make more investments in the Thai market,”

On the part of Mr. Niels Ole Sinkbaek Sørensen, General Manager, APAC & MEA, who gave his accounts in regard to robotic markets in Thailand as that “We are working to expand alliances or distributors in Thailand because we have many robotic products which we think that they can provide supports to those applications. We make our offers on such products by presenting them through the Industrial Robot Trade Show in Thailand which, we are confident that it will make our products expanded more in this market because Thailand is one of the large markets of Southeast Asia. We expect that our business will definitely begin to expand into the Thai market and, in the future, we may have sales office formed up here. For the time being, we may use our distributors in Thailand with whom we are allied as our distributing channels. We will provide supports in all aspects to our existing customers in Thailand through those distributors.”

 OnRobot Launches VGC10 Compact, a Highly Customizable Electric Vacuum Gripper

The new gripper is ideal for small spaces but powerful and flexible enough for nearly any application

OnRobot, a global leader in robotic end-of-arm tooling, announces the VGC10 compact electric vacuum gripper that addresses customer demand for a small but powerful and highly configurable gripper for nearly any application. Based on the design of the award-winning OnRobot VG10 electric vacuum gripper, the compact VGC10 is smaller and lighter than its larger cousin, so is ideal for constrained environments and smaller robot arms, but offers the same impressive payload of 15 kg (35 lb). The VGC10 provides fast out-of-the-box deployment but also offers unlimited customization, with easily changeable suction cup options and the ability to add or replace arms to fit highly specific application needs. With this configurability, the VGC10 can grip and move a wide array of small, multi-dimensional, and heavy objects even with a lighter payload robot arm.

The VGC10 features two independently controlled air channels that allow it to act as a dual gripper with pick-up and release in the same action, further increasing efficiency and reducing cycle time. The gripper can also be used with a single air channel for higher gripping performance. With no compressor or air supply needed—eliminating the cost, noise, space, and maintenance of producing compressed air—this compact electrical gripper is easy to implement and move. Fully integrated software through OnRobot’s new One System Solution platform makes it quick to deploy and redeploy on any major collaborative or light industrial robot arm for greater production flexibility.

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