Peace Engineering Dumping More Than 30 Million Baht in Investment to Use Advanced Tooling Coating Technology.

Peace Engineering Dumping More Than 30 Million Baht in Investment to Use Advanced Tooling Coating Technology.



Peace Engineering Co., Ltd., is an expert in the productions of both the Cutting Tools and Special Tools as well as Jig & Fixture and various parts work. The Company is committed to producing and developing products regularly by modern machinery technology with high efficiency and tools and equipments deployed for supplementations and developments the whole times, thus, making the customers being confident in the Company that the Company can respond to their needs of all those under the policy of “Quality Service”.






Mr. Pirom Raksakom, Company Managing Director, gave his account that the Company was established in 2000, by initially carrying out the business as a manufacturer of Jig & Fixture and parts and thereafter going on into the developments of more production technologies and the productions of Cutting Tools and Special Tools to feed the general manufacturing industrial sector requiring to use tooling such as end mills, drilling bits, high speed carbide step drills including other tools according to the demands of the customers that mostly are Japanese companies.The Company has currently been engaged in this business operation for 20 years.



For the reason of the Company’s firm determination in needing the customers’ tooling production process to be able to do in one-stop completion from the step of being a steel material that comes in bars or tons before being brought into the process of forming in various steps and thereafter, which is in the final process, to be fed into the step of coating, an investment of over 30 million Baht was made for the purchase of the tooling coating machines to be used in the work process and to meet the needs of our customers. This coating machine is under “Oerlikon balzers” brand of METAPLAS PVD Coating System model from Germany. It is a new version machine equipped with high technology that will yield a flawlessly smooth coating value. Munger Machine Tool (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is the distributing agent and provider of the after-sales-services.





This Oerlikon balzers coating machine will help the tooling to be more efficient for the application: for example; in helping to prolong the service life of the tooling longer with the property of the tooling still being highly efficient for the productions of workpieces. Moreover, the coated tooling is of high quality and accepted in the international markets.





“This introduction of the tooling coating machine for use in the production process is partly viewed that the carbide type of tooling, if produced as the tooling bits and brought out for sales, they could not be actively compete in the world market because on the world market, a wide variety of tooling coatings, such as TiC, TiCN, are used to provide special tooling properties such as to make the tooling slippery, durable, strong or prolong the useful life which will be adopted for use in the different applications. Therefore, the Oerlikon balzers brand of the Company for the application in the tooling coating process will be able to well meet the needs of our customers because the tooling is extremely essential nowadays for use in the coating process. In addition, we also take jobs on tooling coating that if any of our customers should so need, we are ready to provide services around the clock.”




Mr. Raksakom added that, the tooling production process on one piece of work requires to go through more than 10 steps, from the supplying of the raw material of steels in tons or solid carbide bars to be cut, round grinded, grooved, detail collected, tested and many other steps before it will come out to be 1 tooling workpiece.



“The Company’s service work on the production of Special Tools will require us to go out and meet our customers and look at their requirements as to what they would need to use the tooling for. And thereafter, we would bring various information data obtained from the customers for use in designing the Special Tools and then take them back to the customers for checking and verification on the accuracy. If the customers should have agreed with the production outcome, we would do the Try Out Tooling until the prescribed criteria is physically passed. After that, we will proceed with the production according to our customers’ requirements. It is not that easy job because the Special Tools are not the Standard Tools.”








“Customers are comparatively like our patrons, so, we have to take care of them from upstream to downstream. Peace Engineering Co., Ltd., has therefore placed very much emphasis on the presales and the after sales services over the past 20 years and if any of our product is not correct in accordance with the pattern or it cannot be used in the production, we are willing to make 100% claims for our customers promptly because our resolution is “Get Good Thing, Do Good Thing, Deliver Good Thing”.

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