Polyplastics Offers Design Technique and Noise Reducing Method of Helical Gears Made of POM




Polyplastics Offers Design Technique and Noise Reducing Method of Helical Gears Made of POM




Polyplastics Co., Ltd., the world’s leading engineering thermoplastic supplier has offered design technique and trick to help manufacturers reduce the noise of helical gears made of polyoxymethylene (POM). In this connection, Polyplastics is the world leader in POM manufacturing under DURACON® trade name, for use in various industries which includes the manufactures of gears.




On the design of the gears, it is believed that the bevel of the gear axis is important to take into consideration and the adjustment of the gear shafts not to be tilted will be advantageous to effectively reduce the noise. For this reason, Polyplastics is trying to prove such hypothesis by focusing on the offset error and, as a result, the company has learned that the noise problem is not necessarily worse when the gear axis is tilted.




Polyplastics discovers that the noise problems arise when the gear center distance has changed depending on whether the axial inclination is present. In this respect, Polyplastics has made checks on center distance effect of a bevel gear with 0-degree axial inclination and found that the noise level is at the lowest level when the center distance has increased from 0 to 0.6 millimeter and then become silent. Contrarily, the sound will be louder when the center distance has increased more than 0.6 millimeter because the Transverse Contact Ratio is lower than 1.0.




Polyplastics indicates that the helical gear has a phenomenon called the Overlap Ratio, and when combining the Transverse Contact Ratio with the Overlap Ratio, the Total Contact Ratio is obtained. Theoretically, the Total Contact Ratio must be at the level of 1.0 or higher to make the gear rotated with a steady speed. At the same time, if the Transverse Contact Ratio should be lower than 1, it would mean that the contact distance of the gear is less than 1 Pitch, or it can be said that there is a gap that the tooth of the gear does not touch within 1 Pitch. Nevertheless, result of the discovery has suggested that the helical gears have the Total Contact Ratio at level 1 or higher and will rotate at a steady speed without any noise problems.

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