Porsche Impact Increases Operations in Other 15 Countries…. Reduce CO2 Emissions



In the Porsche Impact Project start-up of the German sports car manufacturer with the production base in Zuffenhausen, the operations had intensely been carried on with the objective to reduce pollution from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions which, in the initial phase, were undertaken in Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States. The service areas have currently been being expanded to additionally cover 15 countries, consisting of China, Canada, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, French, Polynesia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and the Philippines.



Porsche Impact Project is considered the Company’s expressly clear expression of intention on its firm commitment to place the importance on the reduction of pollution from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and also to have a vision as being a factory that will not create any environmental impact. That’s the reason why Porsche has to take every step of the Porsche car production process into considerations both on the supply chain as well as the product life expectancy through the Porsche Impact Project. Moreover, the Project can also provide a good opportunity for customers to participate in as a part of the environmental protection and care by reducing pollution from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.



The important part of the Porsche Impact Project is the opening of the opportunity for customers to choose to support the environment projects which many of them have been internationally certified whether it is a project focusing on forest conservation in the United States, maintaining the ecological sustainability in Zimbabwe and the promotions of water and wind power production project in Vietnam and China including local forest protection programs in Canada and Australia.



The amount of support depends on the average fuel consumption, distances on the use of cars in each year and the project that the customers have desired to provide supports: for example; the amount of funding received from a Porsche car being used for 15,000 kilometers with an average fuel consumption of 8.3 kilometers per liter or 12 liters per 100 kilometers will be between 46 and 104 Euros per year.



Initiating the Concept of Sustainable Development Side by Side with Supply Chain Management

The sustainable development is the Porsche Corporate Strategic Plan. In addition to the presentation of an environmental project like the Porsche Impact, this world-leading sports car manufacturer can also help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) during various business dealing activities with the methods of avoiding and reducing the level of creation of the environmental impact, as well. The said process will be applied for use with efficiency throughout the supply chain in accordance with the Principle and Goal of the Paris Agreement.




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