Procurement CentRE Opens New Machine Showroom Center

From 1-6 June 2021, Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd., organized an Open House event to open cutting, folding, ironing, bending and laser cutting machine technology showroom center in sheet metal industry for manufacturing industrialists to see high-class technologies: such as; HACO, MVD, LFK folding machines and GLORYSTAR laser cutting machines, etc. During such event, a great number of customers and interested persons were present to visit the machine showroom center of the Company where a show of which was organized in rounds to reduce congestion and risk of COVID-19. In addition, the customers were allowed to inform the Company of their testing needs on cutting and folding work in various materials, as well.


Mr. Obsakul Venakul, the Company Managing Director revealed, “The Company has organized the Open House event by opening it as a showroom center for displaying a variety type of machine technologies for sheet metal works to enable customers to come for a visit, tests and experiments in order to see the potential of each type of the machine. Interested persons or customers wanting to visit can make an appointment in advance for a visit with us. And in the case that a customer has a sample, design, or workpiece required to be tested by the machines: such as; laser cutter, cutting, bending and folding machines, we will conduct the tests by using all of our existing machines which we have placed on display for you to experience.”


“Currently, Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is a distributor of various brands of machines: such as; LFK folding, cutting machines manufactured from Hong Kong, CNC system folding machines, Turret punching machines or V-Cut grooving machines for folding stainless steel, GLORYSTAR brand fiber laser machines made in China. At present, fiber laser machines are very popular in sheet metal cutting industry while GLORYSTAR is the leading machine in China with wattage ranging from 1,000–12,000 watts. The machine placed on display measures 6 x 2.50 meters consuming more than 6,000 watts of power which means that it can easily cut steel up to 1 inch thick. In addition, we have multipurpose cutting and drilling machines, steel, sheet metal rolling machines, especially, HACO brand metal cutting, folding machines from Belgium of which Procurement Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been a sole distributor in Thailand for 45 years.”


Mr. Venakul further added, “Besides being a good and efficient machine distributing agent, we also have a service team comprising up to 25 persons with experiences and expertise on wait to provide the after-sales services to customers around the clock. As for the machine trade transactions with the Company, whether the customers should wish to make the relevant payments directly to the Company or through a leasing company, our Company has a leasing company to provide supports on the needs of our customers, as well, to ensure their smooth business operations with no worries. It is comparatively like a lease of a machine, whether small or large.”



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